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The Mays (or something similar) on YouTube

Wake up - Billy Mays Rules and we're about to prove it. Welcome to the greatest Billy Mays appreciation site ever. Give us some time. We're working on blowing you away with all things Mays. The man with the slicked back black hair and amazingly thick and black beard, Pittsburgh accent, and thumbs up way of letting you know that there's more while exclaiming, "But wait! There's more!" - he's the one. Only in America. (Don't send us mail for Mr. Mays; we have no way to contact him for you...sorry.)

Casting call for Discovery's Billy Mays reality show. Closes on February 14.

CNBC's Sports Biz is bracketing "As Seen on TV" products: "Just as our best minor league baseball logo touched a nerve in March with over 700,000 votes, we realized we had something special when I called on my readers earlier this week to tell me what was the greatest "As Seen On TV" product. Within a couple of hours, we got more than 4,700 votes, with the Foreman Grill beating out Girls Gone Wild and the Clapper." Go quick and vote for all things Mays!

Note, we recently learned that the show will be called, "But Wait..There's More."

Billy Mays, famed TV pitchman for indispensable products such as the Awesome Auger and Mighty Putty, tonight begins appearing in TV ads for the ESPN360.com broadband service. Get ready to call now! (Source) These ads were a slight departure for Mays as they were designed to be parodies of his and other infomercial cliches with Mays appearing to be doing a parody of himself. If you have seen them, you know how funny they are.

Gracious, Billy Mays is pitching snowboards in a tongue-in-cheek commercial for DCShoes/Beckstrom snowboards. Go Billy!

What's it like to meet Billy Mays?

Jeff in the Tampa area writes: "Here is my Billy story...I have my own business here in Tampa and had the chance to work in the house he recently built (2005-06). My company installs artwork and most interior home decor, so I was able to hang all his sports and personal memorabilia, he had some cool stuff. Let me just say he and his wife are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Being in his house on a few occations he was usually there and showed me where he wanted his stuff installed. And yes he has a very beautiful home on a lake..It was spotlighted in an edition of Home Trends a Florida magazine...A quick story.....Billy Mays called me and asked if I could come by and take care of a few more things for him on a certain day, I told him yes but I was meeting my niece and nephew at Busch Gardens later that day, but had a couple hours in the am, he said no problem. So the day comes and I go to his house, take care of what he needed installed and when goes to pay me, he pays my invoice then gives me a $50.00 dollar bill and says to get my niece, nephew and myself something to eat at Busch Gardens.. That\'s the kind of person he is. All the times I was in his house he always treated me like I was someone special..All the best to Billy Mays.. He is kind of like Celine Dion... when you are an international superstar, some people are always going to be haters..Get a life! Go Billy Go !!!"

Aaron in Richmond writes: "I was in a meeting at my customer's office several months ago when I found out that Billy was in the next meeting room. Being a big fan, I was totally distracted from my work at hand, eager to meet the man himself. Not wanting to miss my opportunity, I kept excusing myself pretending that something important had just come across my BlackJack, and loitered in the hall outside his meeting hoping he would soon emerge. After several attempts, my persistence paid off! Billy exited his room and I quickly moved in for the kill and introduced myself. He was most gracious and willingly took a picture with me and offered me an autographed picture. I don't recall the outcome of my meeting, but I consider that day a success nonetheless!"

"Life's a pitch, then you buy".
Billy Mays to BillyMaysRules.com on October 26, 2008.
Read all about Billy Mays. Where was he born? How did he get here? Does he put his pants on one leg at a time? Where's he going now? Check out his bio, updated with new information often.

Billy Mays in the news, good or bad, here it is.
Check this out - BillyMaysRules.com is in the New York Times Consumed Magazine October 26, 2008!
And the love continues, WYDaily.com did a story about us too. As you'll read, Mr. Mays a) contacted us, b) sent us a signed photo, and c) sent a very rare Billy Mays bobblehead! It's still in the box. It doesn't dare meet air and dust. We want it to last a while, ya know?

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Get well soon, Billy! We hear you're recuperating from hip replacement surgery! Gracious, so young. We wish you all the healing power we can muster.
There is a god. Our man Mays is getting his own reality show. This from the New York Times on August 20:
By MICHAEL POPE, Posted: 3:19 am, August 20, 2008
......Mays, the loud-mouthed huckster for "as-seen-on-TV!" products like OxiClean, Kaboom! and Orange Glo, will star in his own reality show....."Pitchmen" will begin taping this fall and will document the creation of Mays' blaring two-minute ads from start to finish, according to The Washington Post.

Update! - According to a news piece seen today online, the show will be called "But Wait ... There's More." Now that makes more sense. Makes it cheesier. We kind of liked "Pitchmen" as a title.

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