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U. S. A. Crisis

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At the request of Premier Jan Christian Smuts, the Governor General of South Africa (the Earl of Athlone, brother of Queen Mary) dissolved the Parliament of the U. S. A. (Union of South Africa).

The dissolution came as a complete surprise to the public and was caused by a Government loss of the seat at Wakkerstroom, which convinced the Premier that his Cabinet might no longer have the confidence of the country.

General elections having been slated for June, Premier Smuts advised the Governor General to request postponement of the projected visit of the Prince of Wales during the coming Summer.

The outcome of the elections is considered by experts to be dubious, if not foreboding. The situation was succinctly summed up by Sir Edgar Walton, High Commissioner for South Africa in London: "It is very possible that a Nationalist majority will be returned in the coming elections, and Nationalism in South Africa stands for Republicanism, although the Nationalists are not understood to be pressing their Republican views."

The contest will be between General Smuts, South Africa Party, and General B. M. Hertzog, Nationalist Party, and promises to be as close as it will be exciting.

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