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Bob Miller's '66 Rambler RogueWelcome JamaicaWelcome to the Rambler Rogue Registry, where we serve the needs of Rambler Rogue and Rambler American owners. If this is your first time here, you might be interested to know that the Rambler Rogue was produced by American Motors Corp. from 1966 through 1969 (see PRODUCTION FIGURES) and was preceded by a dealer package out of the Pacific Northwest in 1965. The AMC dealer-prepared Rogues were simply Rambler American 440 hardtops with sporty options; the factory picked up the theme in '66 and Rogues were available across the country. The Rambler Rogue reached it's ultimate state in 1969 when AMC loaded up 1,512 Rogues with the 315hp, AMX 390cid V8 & other race-ready parts, painted them red, white and blue, and released them on an unsuspecting public as the SC/Rambler

James Landis' SC/Rambler Over it's 4-year production life, less than 24,000 Rambler Rogues were built (compare this to the over 26,000 Camaro Z/28's built in the same period!). It's no wonder so few are around today! The purpose of the registry is to inventory the remaining Rogues and give the owners an opportunity to share with one another and show their cars to the world at large. If you have an interesting story about your car (like Marc and Nora Merkle's award-winning '66 Wagon), you might want to share it with other Rambler owners, or you might share some insight on maintaining/repairing your car. Or, you might give an update about Rambler events around the world, like the Forssa Pick-nick held annually in Finland, or an amazing find, like a right-hand drive Rogue in the UK.

My '66 Rambler AmericanRambler Rogues and Americans have shown up in the fifteen countries whose flags grace the top of this page -- the USA, Canada, South Africa, England, Finland, Australia, Mexico, Peru, Norway, the Sultinate of Oman, New Zealand, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium and Costa Rica (shown in the order the cars were registered). In addition, Argentina had it's own version of the Rogue, called the TORINO.

We've got two lists going now, the RAMBLER ROGUES and now the RAMBLER AMERICANS. There are a lot of nice cars listed and if you'd like to see them, just click on the thumbnail image there; an enlarged version will pop up.

If you are in the process of building, modifying, restoring, or working on your Rogue, shoot some pics and I'll post them. Or if you've already done the work and have pictures to share, scan and send them and I'll post them too. And if you need help restoring your Rogue or American, check the HELP PAGE, or, if you need parts, check out the PARTS EXCHANGE.

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Watch Jerry Sarkozi
do a burnout in

his '69 Rogue!


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