Prospects Who Could See Major-League Action In 2009

Posted by Tim Malcolm, Wed, March 25, 2009 04:05 PM

Of all the “prospects” in the Phillies system, JA Happ is most likely to spend time in Philadelphia. In fact, he should and could be there from the onset of the season.

But what other prospects have a chance in 2009?

Carlos Carrasco: A no-brainer, the 22-year-old righty seems poised to grab a rotation spot by midsummer. For Carrasco to make the rotation, two of the five starters would need to either suffer injury or perform badly enough to drop out. It could happen - my money is on a Jamie Moyer drop off and some injury concerns on someone else by May or June.

Jason Donald: We all love Mr. Donald, who tore through the last calendar year in double-A, the Olympics, the Arizona Fall League and the Grapefruit League. He has a chance of getting the call, say Pedro Feliz, Jimmy Rollins or Chase Utley suffer an injury. If he remains with the big-league club, he should be ready for a potential starting 3B job in 2010.

John Mayberry Jr.: The big, speedy, powerful right-handed outfielder might make the team out of camp, but indications are he’ll come up short. Still, it’s likely he’ll see some time in the show in 2009, at least as a major right-handed bat. If Jayson Werth, Raul Ibanez or Shane Victorino suffers an injury (very likely), he should be on the first train east.

Lou Marson: The Phillies might be shopping him around lightly, but don’t think it’s just a passing thing. It’s very possible the Phils deal Marson, thinking Travis d’Arnaud will be ready for big-league action by the time Carlos Ruiz runs out of arbitration years. If Marson comes to Philly, it’ll be if two catchers hit the ground hard. It could happen, of course, but don’t bet on it.

Antonio Bastardo:
The lefty relief-probable could definitely come to Philadelphia, say, if Scott Eyre doesn’t pan out as the lone pen lefty. Bastardo has already seen Grapefruit League time, and his strikeout rates are good enough to merit a mug of coffee. His tendency to allow the longball will make him a very short cup, however, much like last year’s lefty, RJ Swindle. Think summertime.

Tyson Brummett: Think about Kyle Kendrick and you can see why Brummett has a great shot of making the team in 2009. It’ll take a few injuries, but the 24-year-old Brummett will likely start the season in Reading. A hot start there could open eyes enough to jump Brummett to the bigs, maybe even over Carrasco. Why? Because protecting Carrasco’s options as long as possible is desirable, and a mid-20s pitcher not seen by big-league hitting might be a flash-in-the-pan player in June and July. Keep an eye out for Brummett.

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16 Responses to “Prospects Who Could See Major-League Action In 2009”

  1. BurrGundy Says:

    It’s great to read that the Phils have some solid prospects. Excellent synopsis of out talent in the minors. I am getting really hot for opening day !!!!

  2. Chuck P Says:

    Keep betting against Moyer…

  3. Tim Malcolm Says:

    I hope you’re right.

  4. Rich Says:

    I disagree with you on Marson. Trading him would be an error. D’Arnaud hasn’t done anything to displace him yet. He hasn’t even reached Reading. I believe Marson is legit.

  5. Ben Says:

    I just read on mlbtraderumors that the phils are shopping Paulino. No surprise, just wanted to pass along.

  6. Nationals#1 Says:

    Are you saying Mayberry would start the year in AA? Because otherwise, he’d have to take a bus south, since there’s no trains that run anywhere near allentown.

  7. Geoff Says:

    Look at his pattern…he had a great year last year, and now Moyer is due for a bad year (2007). If he starts to get lit up he will be replaced by Carrasco by May or June. Marson needs a year in AAA but he could get traded before that, which is ok if you get someone like Bucholz or Bard (nasty) back in the deal. Maybe you go Marson + Kendrick for Bard or Bucholz…

    If Wang really is available right now then you go Marson, Happ, then a throw in and hope thats enough to get it done. otherwise you wait.

  8. Havoc Says:

    I love that Moyer got his contract and will be back for this season. I’m not gonna say I don’t have concerns about him, but I’m holding out hope that he’ll have a good year. It sure is nice to have all this depth for starting pitching. Makes it a little easier not to panic at possible injuries knowing that we’ve got Happ or Park, and Carrasco ready to go.

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  10. Bruce Says:

    Tim says~ “..A no-brainer, the 22-year-old righty (Carrasco) seems poised to grab a rotation spot by midsummer.”

    Oh really? The talent is there but a 7-7 record and 4.32ERA in Double A Reading last season suggests he is a work in progress and in need of further refinement and consistency with his pitches. Having ONLY six starts in AAA doesn’t qualify for complete evaluation. If Kendrick shows complete command of his pitches in AAA, he would more likely get first call to the Phillies. After all, 2 years and 21 wins in the majors does work in his favor.

  11. Tim Malcolm Says:

    Bruce says~ “..Oh really? The talent is there but a 7-7 record and 4.32ERA in Double A Reading last season suggests he is a work in progress and in need of further refinement and consistency with his pitches. Having ONLY six starts in AAA doesn’t qualify for complete evaluation.”

    No pitcher is completely refined and consistent upon stepping into the majors. Carrasco has a ready fastball, change and curve. His numbers in AA are of slight alarm, but one cannot discount the poor pitching throughout Reading in 2007 and ‘08, suggesting something larger.

    Looking at Carrasco’s track record in AAA and in the Venezuelan Winter League, it’s pretty safe to say he’s ready.

  12. hamels' left hand Says:

    Tim didn’t suggest that the catcher’s job on this team is in any way imminently available…afterall, unless I’m mistaken, Ruiz still has a few years of arb eligibility. If I’m wrong, someone can correct me….”Darno” might be only 2-3 yrs from stud-dom.

  13. christopher Says:

    moyer ain’t going anywhere for two more years tim. get used to it.

  14. Justin Says:

    I like having a home grown boy that grew up around the corner from me I still think he’s got enough left in the tank but you know by next year if not by the end of this season i can see him as a lefty out of the pen in long reliever type situations since we all know Happ’s not cut out for that, Moyer seems like a guy that can fill in where ever needed and with so many good young pitchers waiting in the wings I can imagine him as a lefty reliever by the start of next season if not by the end of this season. Brummett seems a little further away than Carrasco, and Bastardo, and if Carpenter can ever rebound from the horrendous year he had in AA last year and disappointing spring he had with the big club this year theres 3 good candidates, although Carpenter is having a good spring now that he has pitched a couple games for the minor league squad.

  15. Zippy Says:

    Viva BASTARDO!!!

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    […] good folks at Phillies Nation have made a list of Phils prospects who could be in Philadelphia at some point during the season. The usual suspects are on […]

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