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Seattle's Famous Four
Kurt Cobain, Frances Farmer,
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Mel's Hole Search New! First transcript of show completed!

Kenneth Arnold and the
Maury Island UFO Mystery


UFO Watch Kitty

Bigfoot New Photos from Alaska Trip!

See Photos from our visit to
Thornewood Castle!
Site of Stephen King's
movie "Rose Red"

2005 Northwest Conference photos and
1st annual Seattle Sasquatch Symposium

Johnathan Reed Alien
in the Freezer Hoax

Brazil Hoax


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Crystal Skull Explorers
-- Joshua & Desy Shapiro.

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Legends and Lore of the Northwest
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Family Friendly, Educational and Fun

Come see Seattle's famous ghosts and legends
and hear stories of our own ghost!

Located at:


623 Broadway E
Seattle, WA 98102

Capitol Hill Area
Between Roy and Mercer on the North end of Broadway
L ower atrium beneath Aoki Sushi


10am- 1pm (call ahead)
12-10pm (Lock-in 10pm-midnight)
1:30-5:30pm (call ahead)

Hours may vary as we are volunteer based.
We suggest you call before visiting.
Museum may be closed briefly for breaks.
Please note museum is in lower atrium with stairs.
Large Group visits - please call ahead of time and
for handicapped accessibility.

$2 Adult sugg. donation for first visit
$1 Ages 9-17
Free 8 and under
Go Card holders FREE any time.


Washington State's only Paranormal Science Museum
Come explore the Legends and Lore of the Northwest
Seattle's Secret Prohibition History
UFO History, Bigfoot and Ghost Museum
Seattle's only Oxygen Bar
Ghost Tour - Capitol Hill Historical Ghost Tour

Exhibit also includes
Four Bigfoot casts
Washington State¹s Crop Circle
Information, documents and photos of Kenneth Arnold and his sighting over Mt. Rainier in
1947 along with a tape recording of his first interview
Maury Island UFO Mystery, Seattle Times, Seattle PI, documents and FBI Report
Legend of D.B. Cooper and latest information
The Lost City of Wellington - 1910 Railroad tragedy, maps and photos and newspaper documents
Rare and never seen before photos of Bruce Lee and Frances Farmer
See a historic photo of Barack Obama's first house in Seattle

Come see and here the story of Mini-Max the Crystal Skull
when Max the Healing Skull visited the museum in April of 2007.


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Attention Ghosthunters!


Join us for Ghost Poker! (no money but with real antique poker chips!)

Every Saturday - 10pm-Midnight

Suggested donation:
$5 adult, $3 ages 8-16
Children must be accompanied by a brave adult!
Arrive a few minutes before 10pm

Sign up suggested or stop by before 10pm

If you dare!

Welcome to the Museum Lockin!
You will be participating in our ongoing paranormal investigation of our resident ghost, Peter Alexander Dunnovitch. We are using a variety of ghost research tools employed from the Nineteenth Century to the present time. According to the precepts of American Spiritualism, your active and willing participation is very important and much appreciated by all of us here at the Museum, both those of us "on this side of the veil" and those of us "with us In Spirit".
Why are we playing poker? Through volunteer sensitives (psychics) we have learned that Alexander (he preferred to be called Alexander over Peter) was a gambler who played here when this building was a speakeasy during Prohibition.
We have had EMF readings rise during games of "ghost poker" as we attract Alexander's presence through the familiar sounds of riffling cards and clicking chips. You'll notice we have at Alexander's place at the table a drink and his favorite "coffin nails". Alexander likes ladies with a bit of sass to them, but he prefers them to behave as ladies with respect to their language and deportment; he seems also to like gentlemen who are "sports" who know their cardplaying.

Traditional Forms of Spirit Communication: EMF fluctuations Direct manipulation of electric equipment EVP Rapping, scratching, or creaking sounds Drop in temperature Unexplained movement of objects Cool breezes Tingling sensation Odors (tobacco, perfume) Sounds (including music) Direct psychic impressions.

Nikola Tesla - what our ghost is said to look like!

Dare to be locked into the museum - one of Seattle's most haunted buildings 10-Midnight and tour the back hallways and areas of Seattle's first post-prohibition bar!

Lock in also includes a stop over to the Northwest's most haunted theater - the Harvard Exit.
Ghost history of Capitol Hill, Seattle and the Northwest haunts, Ghost Stories, and ghost hunting while you try and solve the mystery of the building's own ghost - Peter Alexander Dunnovitch. Nothing staged, dare to experience any strange sounds, smells and sightings that appear.
Only for the brave at heart ages 8 and up. Children must be accompanied by a brave adult. If you dare!

Ghost Poker Oct. 28, 2006
The chair for our ghost Peter Alexander Dunnovitch is on the right.
Note the yellow indicator light on the K-II EMF field detector indicating a spike - a 5milligauss higher reading than the normal single green light indicator.


Hear a book drop when we are talking about murder mysteries!
Occured Sat. Sept. 9, 2006

Every Saturday

meeting at the
Seattle Museum of the Mysteries
623 Broadway E.

Suggested donation:
$5 adult, $3 ages 8-16

Capitol Hill Ghost Tour
- a guided historical tour of
Seattle's most historically haunted locations, famous ghosts
and history with a review on Capitol H ill's prohibition history.

Reservations suggested for groups or school classes.

Join us on a guided walking tour around Capitol Hill's historical haunts, highlighting Harvard Exit Theater, Seattle's pioneers, and other historical sites around Capitol Hill.

The tour is approximately an hour and a half of easy walking with a

Harvard Exit Theater
Deluxe Bar and Grill
Loveless Building

Famous People and Ghosts of Seattle:
Princess Angeline - Daughter of Chief Seattle
Kurt Cobain, Nellie Cornish,
Dennys, Frances Farmer, Jimi Hendrix, Bertha Landes, Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee

Mysteries of
Capitol Hill

Sat. March 21

$2 sugg. donation


Hear about the local legends and lore and haunted history
of Capitol Hill
from its beginning a century ago to present day.


First Fridays of Every Month
April 3at 7pm

$2 sugg. donation
Warning: Wierd refreshments

Bill Beaty illuminating a Crooke's tube.

1st Friday of every month



Contact Bill Beaty e-amil

Ghost Hunting 101


April 4th
First Saturdays of the Month

$2 sugg. donation


Ghost Hunting 101

Attention all
Ghost Hunters
and Explorers!

Come attend this social salon and
share ideas and techniques.


Capitol Hill Ghost Tour

- a guided historical tour of
Seattle's most historically haunted locations, famous ghosts
and history with a review on Capitol H ill's prohibition history.

Every Saturday 5pm

meeting at the
Seattle Museum of the Mysteries
623 Broadway E.

Suggested donation:
$5 adult, $3 ages 8-16

Reservations suggested for groups or school classes.

Join us on a guided walking tour around Capitol Hill's historical haunts, highlighting Harvard Exit Theater, Seattle's pioneers, and other historical sites around Capitol Hill.

The tour is approximately an hour and a half of easy walking with a

Harvard Exit Theater
Deluxe Bar and Grill
Loveless Building

Famous People and Ghosts of Seattle:
Princess Angeline - Daughter of Chief Seattle
Kurt Cobain, Nellie Cornish,
Dennys, Frances Farmer, Jimi Hendrix, Bertha Landes, Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee

Bob RogerTango Brown of Westenders Scooter Club on the ghost tour uses a ghost detector
to look for the paranormal in a haunted mirror at the Harvard Exit theater
(photo: Samantha Hill)



Another Legend who lived on Capitol Hill
along with Bruce Lee, Frances Farmer, Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix
Mystery of Barack Obama's first year solved

Stanley Ann Dunham Obama and Barack Obama

Baby Sitting Barack Obama on Seattle¹s Capitol Hill
by Charlette LeFevre and Philip Lipson
Seattle Museum of the Mysteries

Mary Toutonghi, 2009

A simple act of of kindness confirms President Barack Obama residence as an infant in 1962 on Seattle¹s Capitol Hill.

As we were researching the residence of the Capitol Hill apartment that Ann Dunham and her son Barack Obama had lived in 1961 to 1962, (1) - a residence that certainly wasn¹t Abraham Lincoln¹s log cabin but none the less historical, we were also able to find one of the former residents listed in a directory- Mary Toutonghi. Much to our delight it turned out Mary actually knew Ann Dunham and had baby sat baby Barack for two months giving insight on his first year and what it must have been like for Ann Dunham as a single parent.

Mary Toutonghi who now lives in Soldatna Alaska, (2) recalls Barack as ³a really alert baby, very happy and a good size². She does not remember him ever crying (although she adds she is sure he likely did but does not remember any undue fussing). She recalls as best she can the dates she baby sat Barack as her daughter was 18 months old and was born in July of 1959 and that would have placed the months of baby sitting Barack in January and February of 1962.

During our first interview, Mary referred to Stanley Ann Dunham as ³Anna² not knowing that it was the same name as what was listed in the Seattle City Directory. This verified for us that indeed Mary had known Ann Dunham. Anna was obviously confident enough with Mary to have her baby sit her son Barack and confide in her about her future plans. Mary strains to remember the days back over forty five years ago and relates that she did not know why Anna was in Seattle but remembers she was ³anxious to get back to her husband². ³She told me they would be going to Kenya when she finished her education which she had promised her parents when she had married, but because her husband had an obligation to his tribe she realized he would have to take another wife that was a full blooded Kenyan². Mary commented that ³I don¹t think I could have been that brave.²

Mary explained most of the people in the apartment house were Seniors and were retired so it was most likely she was the only one in the house able to baby sit Barack. Mary was a stay at home mother while her husband was taking classes at the nearby Seattle University. She lived directly below Anna and Barack in the level she calls the basement. She remembers the windows in their basement apartment being at chin level and she had a great view of the yard and trees. One day she recalls with laughter, a squirrel had fallen through the one of the ground level windows and after quickly scampering up its tree scolded the family for a good hour.

Mary goes on to relate after we sent her a 1937 photo of the apartment from Washington State Archives, the apartment Anna and Barack lived in was the on the first main floor and the windows looked out over the street. Anna and baby Barack¹s apartment in the photo were the three paned windows on the far right corner of the building above the garage. The main floor had been divided into four studio apartments about 500 square feet each- indeed, a tiny apartment compared to the White House. The first house of Barack Obama no longer exists having been torn down in 1985. An apartment complex now is on the block along with twin residential towers ³Capitol Park² owned by Seattle Housing Authority.

Mary also laughs when asked for pictures saying ³We were in survival mode and not taking pictures². Mary remembers Anna as ³very mature who never complained and met her obligations². Anna was taking night classes at the University of Washington and according to the University of Washington¹s registrar¹s office her major was listed as History. She was enrolled at the University of Washington in the fall of 1961, took a full course load in the Spring of 1962 and had her transcript transferred to the University of Hawaii in the Fall of 1962.

Along with the Seattle Polk Directory, Marc Leavipp of the University of Washington Registrar¹s office confirms 516 13th Ave. E. was the address Ann Dunham had given upon registering at the University. Today, when one looks back to the small apartment in 1962 in which a kind neighbor helped care for our nation¹s leader and a struggling mother strived to get an education, its inspiring to know that even small gestures in the most difficult of situations can help a baby rise from humble beginnings to achieve greatness.

Ann Dunham later received a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the Univ. of Hawaii.

Mary Toutonghi now lives in Soldatna Alaska and was 2001 President of the Alaska Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

And one little baby grew up to achieve the audacity of hope.

Permission to copy this article is granted provided full context is posted and credited to authors.

Mary Toutonghi photo courtesy of Mary Toutonghi and Jenny Neyman.
House photo was provided by: Washington State Archives, Puget Sound Branch, King County Assessor Property Record Card collection photograph (1937).
1. Barack Obama: from Capitol Hill to Capitol Hill by Charlette LeFevre,
2. Obama baby sitter awaits new era ‹ Soldotna woman eager for former charge¹s reign By Jenny Neyman, Redoubt Reporter, Soldotna AK, 1/20/09



Read about your Capitol Hill neighbor Barack Obama.
Barack Obama's Seattle connection and
his first year here on Capitol Hill Seattle on the Capitol Hill Times website.

From Capitol Hill to Capitol Hill






Photos from Bruce Lee's Birthday Nov. 27th 2008
Lakeview Cemetery
Taky Kimura and Friends at Bruce Lee's Gravesite. Taky Kimura is a first
generation student of Bruce Lee and continues to teach.

Bruce Lee had an Apple Spice Cake this year as it was also T hanksgiving.
Happy Birthday Bruce!

Photos from the first annual Seattle Faerie Festival at
Volunteer Park in Capitol Hill.

Faerie Artist crowned as
Seattle Faerie Queen 2008
Click HERE for more photos




Seattle Museum of the Mysteries
Top Haunted Public Locations around Puget Sound

1. Harvard Exit Theater - Seattle
2. Lost City of Wellington - Stephen's Pass
3. Pike Place Market
4. Maynard Alley - International District,
site of the Wah Mee massacre

5. Fort Worden - Port Townsend
6. University Heights - University District
7. Deluxe Bar and Grill - Seattle
8. Elite Bar
9. Thornewood Castle - Lakewood
10. Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery - Capitol Hill


Visit the museum to hear more about these haunted locations.



Every Day

Test your ESP ability with Rhine Cards

Rhine cards were developed by Dr. Karl Zener and J.B. Rhine in the 1920s, and have been used in experiments to indicate ESP capability weighing against statistical probability.

Test your psychic ability with Zener or Rhine Cards!
For all ages

A fun easy way to find out if you have that sixth sense!

Zener cards were developed by Dr. Karl Zener and J.B. Rhine in the 1920s and consist of five simple symbols: star, circle. square, cross & wavy lines.

Five cards of each symbol are used in a total of 25 cards per deck.
The sender shuffles the deck and focuses on each card for a few moments. The receiver senses the symbol that the sender is focusing on.

This is an excercise in telepathy for two people to use.



1st Friday of every month



Contact Bill Beaty 206-789-0775 or e-amil

Oxygen Bar

Every day - Seattle's only Oxygen Bar

Medical quality Swing Arm compressor dispenses 90% oxygen reported to help hangovers, headaches and allergies.

Scents include eucalyptis, lavendar, rose, tangerine, peppermint, ylang ylang (madagascar flower)

Located in the library. Ask for price and nose hoses at desk.


Spirits of Seattle
- Seattle's Famous Four
Click on illustration for more local info and photos on
Bruce Lee, Kurt Cobain, Frances Farmer and Jimi Hendrix


The Mystery of the Crying Cadavers
The real life horror behind Seattle's most culturally offensive exhibit.
Seen the show? Ask for a refund from Seattle Theater Group

Attention all cities with cadaver shows appearing or scheduled to open.

Consider ordinances or laws in your city preventing the display of human remains
and its potentially cultural offensiveness.
Desecration is not educational.
San Francisco enacted a police ordinance in 2005 and the State of Washington will soon sign in House bill 1253 making it illegal to display human remains without the deceaseds consent.
Citizens and medical professionals, demand death certificates and verification.

Exhibiting a person's body against their cultural and spiritual belief is wrong - it doesn't matter what country, culture or religion you belong to, there is no civilized culture in the world that desecrates cadavers for profit.
For more information click HERE or the above banner.

Chehalis Crop Circle - Photo by Ralph Meaney.



The Seattle Museum of The Mysteries in the Capitol Area of Seattle is excited to announce it has recently received several landmark, original publications which highlight the beginings of Sasquatch and UFO discovery and research in the United States. The Museum has received the very first issue of
FATE Magazine from 1948 thanks to a donation by Dana Fos.
This magazine is considered among the longest continuous publication on the paranormal. The first issue presents a first hand account by Seattle's Kenneth Arnold, a Federal Marshall detailing his sighting of nine flying disks over Mount Rainier on June 24, 1947 . This sighting is considered to be the first sighting of UFO's in modern American history. It is from this sighting that media coined ther term t"flying saucer". Original edtions of this magazine are quite scarce. The Museum has received original editions of the first four issues of FATE. The Museum also has an original copy of Kenneth Arnolds book, "The Coming of The Saucers" published in 1952.

The museum has also acquired a first edition of Roger Patterson's
"Do Abominable Snowmen of America Really Exist?" published in Yakima in 1966.
The book was donated by museum librarian Philip Lipson who recently acquired the book. Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin are well known for taking the clearest and best known films of what many believe to be an actual bigfoot. The Museum specializes in documenting unusual and historical events in the Pacific Northwest from the earliest times of the Native American through the present.

Monty Reed with current developement of LIFESUIT

Come support the development of Seattle's best Invention!
Robotic Parapalegic Brace!

As seen at the St. Patrick's Day Dash
as seen on KOMO 4 News and the Seattle PI


Monty Reed, Research Director for Lifesuit (patent pending) is developing a powered brace mobility device
that allows paralyzed and other disabled persons to walk again while providing passive physical therapy.



Mystery of Orbs Solved!

Mystery of solving hand warts solved!

The solution? Cover with
Clear nail polish!
Why does it work? It is believed the nail polish seals off air from the wart in much the same way that duct tape is said to work.
Clear nail polish is also less noticable than tape or the black skin that results from freezing warts.
Results are reported to be seen the next day.
Try it and let us know your results. e-mail Charlette at

Check out the Museum as written about in the Jan. 31, 2005
Seattle Post Intelligencer Article!

Seattle PI Article


Join Seattle Museum's mission of education into the unknown.

for $12 a year
Membership includes Free general admission
10 min oxygen bar usage a week
Two week book checkout
Discounts and Newsletters

The Seattle Museum of the Mysteries is not associated with any religious or political organizations
nor do we stress one ideology over another.
Our mission is to respectfully provide a
platform to further the understanding of mysteries, paranormal science and alternative forms of technology via our exhibits, library
lectures, author presentations and our cultural arts program.

For Questions on the museum or event scheduling contact either
Charlette LeFevre:

Philip Lipson

Member Washington State Convention and Visitors Bureau 2006
Member Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce 2004
Capitol Hill Community Council 2008















At your Service

Directors of the Seattle Museum of the Mysteries and the Library of the Mysteries.

Charlette LeFevre - Museum Director
Charlette LeFevre - has a BA in Research and Design from Wright State University. She is current Director of the museum and the previous Chat Club - a Seattle lecture group hosting authors founded in 1998.
Charlette's science background includes interning at a biomedical research lab in Yellow Springs, OH and has been a three year member of the Ohio Academy of Science. Charlette's background also includes working as a military contractor at Wright-Patterson AFB. investigating the paranormal, dabbling in Kirlian Photography and researching geological mysteries. Her photography has been used by the Discovery Channel and she has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows. Currently Charlette is researching the Maury Island UFO Mystery and the associated AF B-25 Bomber Crash, the first historical U.S. Air Force crash in Kelso Washington.
You can find her today volunteering at the museum, as the Capitol Hill Community Council VP and as a community activitst in tree protection and human rights.

Cosmic Librarian - Philip Lipson,
MSLS - Masters of Library Science

Philip Lipson - is a "Cosmic" Librarian" with a Master's degree in Library Science from Wayne State University in Detroit and has had experience in both public and academic libraries.

The bureaucracy of government regulated libraries could not contain him and he has devoted the last 25 years in establishing himself as an independent researcher and investigator of subjects of paranormal interest. He is available for consultations. In 1980 Philip ran for Sheriff of Wayne County, Michigan, Libertarian Party. Lucky for the library he lost. His slogan was "Behave Yourself", a motto he still lives by today - or so he says.


Both Charlette and Philip are available for presentations
on the mysteries in the Northwest, the mystery of D.B. Cooper, the history of the Maury Island UFO incident and Kenneth Arnold's sighting over Mt. Rainier as well as other Northwest mysteries.

The Seattle UFO/Paranormal Group is a non-profit organization with a four member Board of Directors and a list of advisors.


Board Members and Advisors

Charlette LeFevre
Philip Lipson
MaryAnne Snyder

Bill Beaty
Bob Dilworth



The museum would like to thank the Raynier Foundation and the Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
The staff and volunteers and speakers, organizations and all the members who have put in their time and effort.


Art from Max the Crystal Skull who visited the museum in 2007