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Ballard residents honoring Edith Macefield with tattoos

06:10 PM PDT on Thursday, March 26, 2009


Video: Ballard resident honoring Edith Macefield with tattoos
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SEATTLE - A ground swell of Ballard residents are taking the plunge and getting tattoos in remembrance of Edith Macefield, the Ballard woman who wouldn't give in to developers who wanted to buy her home. 

Two years ago, she was offered $1 million for her small house on NW 46th Street, but she refused to move. Cement walls went up around her, while construction crews worked day and night.

Her decision touched many people in the Ballard neighborhood. Recently Anchor Tattoo owner Curtis James and a friend came up with the idea of developing a tattoo in her memory. 

"The main thing is holding on to things that are important to you," James said.

As word spread of the tattoo, many people from the neighborhood started inquiring. So far 10 people have gotten the tattoo of Macefield's house, including Ballard clothing store owner Nicole Miller.

"I think about when I'm 90 and someone comes to me and says ‘hey I'll give you a million bucks to move out of your house,’” she said. "What would I do?"


Edith Macefield lived in the same home on NW 46th Street in Ballard for decades.

For Joe Markiewicz, having this permanent reminder is an inspiration.

"I would have been first in line if it wasn't already taken," he said.

Macefield died last year. Her home still stands, although no one knows for how long. But through ink, her story will live on forever.

"I hope she knows she made an impact on a lot of people," James said.


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