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Below you will find articles about the San Diego Chargers Stadium issue:


02/04/09 City dismisses lawsuit
City and team agree to work together to resolve outstanding issues
03/19/08 Stadium train moving down two tracks in Chula Vista
Special Counsel Mark Fabiani recently said the Chargers are continuing to work feverishly on a new stadium for the region and “are now down to our last two potential sites, the ones in Chula Vista.”
11/29/07 Two Chula Vista stadium sites discussed
Chula Vista Councilman John McCann explains how the city has worked with the Chargers to study sites at waterfront and at the east end of city.
09/13/07 Stadium study shows two possible site options in Chula Vista
The City of Chula Vista released the results of a study funded by the Chargers that shows two possible options for building a football stadium in the City of Chula Vista.
05/16/07 Chargers meet Oceanside city officials once again
Chargers officials have a productive meeting with Oceanside city officials Tuesday afternoon during which the team and city decided together that the office village-stadium concept deserves continued focus. The Chargers will privately retain expert h
05/14/07 Chargers intensify focus on potential stadium sites in Oceanside, Chula Vista
The Chargers and city officials from Oceanside and Chula Vista are about to enter a new and more intense period of discussions about potential stadium sites. At the same time, the City of National City has announced that it is abandoning its stadium
05/04/07 Stadiums spur economic development
Mayor of Glendale, Ariz., says new football stadium for the Arizona Cardinals has helped develop her city's image and future.
05/02/07 New stadium to be subject of forum
The San Diego State University College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts is hosting a forum Thursday titled “Where will the Chargers touch down?”, focusing on the future of a new stadium for San Diego.
04/25/07 Stadium ideas continue to develop
Oceanside plans now consider office space, while a new report in Chula Vista is due in May.
05/31/06 Chargers meet with Chula Vista officials
Chargers President Dean Spanos and Special Counsel Mark Fabiani met with Chula Vista Mayor Steve Padilla and Deputy Mayor John McCann Wednesday to discuss the possibility of the team finding a site to build a stadium in the South Bay.
05/30/06 Chargers to visit with Chula Vista officials
Chargers President Dean Spanos and Special Counsel Mark Fabiani will host the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of the City of Chula Vista at Chargers Park Wednesday to discuss the possibility of the team building a new stadium in San Diego County's second-larg
05/01/06 Chargers respond to City Council vote
Following the San Diego City Council’s unanimous vote today to amend the team’s lease with the City, Special Counsel Mark Fabiani issued the following statement.
04/26/06 Chargers remain committed to San Diego
Recent comments by San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders have not changed the Chargers' desire to remain located in the San Diego region.
03/17/05 Chargers refine stadium plan
07/02/04 City, Chargers agree on new lease
04/22/04 City presents proposal to team
04/21/04 Statement regarding proposal
03/31/04 Hopeful something can be worked out
03/17/04 Mid-City Listening Tour Recap
03/16/04 Mid-City Next Stop for Listening Tour
02/26/04 Listening Tour resumes
02/17/04 San Diego Chargers resume Listening Tour
12/30/03 Statement from Mark Fabiani
11/26/03 Chargers seeking decision on trigger
10/10/03 Statement from Mark Fabiani
10/09/03 Statement from Mark Fabiani
08/19/03 An asset for San Diego
08/12/03 A fair, fast and public answer
08/06/03 Statement from Mark Fabiani
03/27/03 Statement from Mark Fabiani
03/18/03 City, Chargers to begin talks
03/12/03 Chargers, City meet
03/04/03 Chargers take step to open talks
01/16/03 Chargers’ vision of future
12/16/02 Statement from Mark Fabiani
05/29/02 Statement of Mark Fabiani on behalf of the San Diego Chargers