Welcome to a
Finger-Friendly™ Era
in Diabetes Testing

Pelikan Sun™ electronic lancing device

You shouldn’t have to choose between having healthy fingers and testing as often as you’d like. Since pain and inconvenience are the primary reasons people don’t test, the folks at Pelikan Technologies decided to tackle both problems. The result is a radical shift in how you’ll think about daily testing. Testing with the Pelikan Sun is convenient and virtually pain-free.

The Pelikan Sun lances with electronic control, smoothness and precision, resulting in:

  • significant reduction of pain during lancing
  • bleeding that stops almost immediately
  • minimal residual bruising and sensitivity
  • quick healing of the lanced site
  • damaged fingers recover and heal over time

The Pelikan Sun's patented 50-lancet disk ensures a sharp, sterile lancet every time you test. When it's time, just pop in a new disk and you're ready to go. Never see or handle lancets again.

The Pelikan Sun represents, quite simply, a new dawn in diabetes care.