Mailman, The
Year: 2004
Directed by: Tony Mark
Cast: Diana Kauffman
Bryan Lukasik
Jesse Merrill
Jamielyn Kane
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There's a new mailman in town and everyone's talking
about him. There's something wrong about him, but
they don't even know just how much wrong it is about
him. He changes peoples letters and whoever gets in
his way, he chops up into pieces.

Hahahahaha! Hang on. Hahahahaha! Okay, how ridiculous
can a slasher movie possibly get. Come on! I didn't
know whether I was watching a comedy or a horror movie.
It was just too ridiculous to be true. Who's making
these stupid movies anyway? Okay so a psychotic mailman
goes around killing everyone he delivers mail to, how
stupid is that. I'm simply speechless, I just don't
know what to say. The surprising thing is that it's
actually rather well done. The movie actually looks
like it had some kind of a budget and that's the only
reason to why this is even half viewable.

I feel ashamed to say this but the directing isn't
half bad and the photography is shockingly nice looking
as well, everything about the movie is pretty good
actually apart from the plot. The acting is decent,
not good, but I've seen so much worse. The psychotic
mailman is rather funny and I think that was the
entire purpose. The movie never gets scary or anything
but I guess it is a slasher comedy or something like
this because I highly doubt that they expected anyone
to take this movie seriously.

When you start to watch a movie with a title like The
Mailman you can't help but expecting the worst. Well I
got the worst all right. Either way, I have to confess
that it's not entire ludicrous because I'm sure that
there are actually mailmen out there who actually are
like this, well, except for the killing of course.
Either way, it's a ridiculous movie and if you're going
to watch it, you have to watch it like a comedy because
I simply don't think this will frighten anyone, not
even a 3 year old.

Some blood splatter but not a whole lot.

Very cheesy rock music and very cheap background music
makes this movie even funnier.

If you've heard about this movie before I'm sure you
can't be surprised that this movie turned out to
be disastrously bad. I mean, come on, just look at
the cheap poster and the even lousier title. The
Mailman won't please any slasher fan but it will
probably give you a couple of laughs.

Review By: AnthroFred