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Barakhamba monument -- a great tourist attraction in Delhi

Most of us know Barakhamba Road in Connaught Place and have walked and driven upon it. It has so many landmark buildings on both its sides including the prestigious Modern School. How many of us, however, know about Barakhamba monument?

Barakhamba monument is a Lodhi era building located in Nizamuddin. The hapless monument has long been the recipient of the red paan spittle squirted out mercilessly by the paan chewers. The utter disregard of the citizens speaks volumes not only of our sense of cleaniless but also of the scant regard for our heritage, history and culture.

The Archeological Survey of India—ASI- has mercifully woken up to give the monument a face-lift thanks primarily to the imminent Commonwealth 2010 Games. “The monument is graded A in terms of heritage value by INTACH Delhi Chapter.It is one of the 46 historical monuments selected by the ASI for renovation work. 

The first task before the ASI was to have it freed from the unauthorized occupation. Some families were even blissfully staying in it.  The paan stains are being removed by carrying out chemical treatment. The treatment itself is a slow process and may take another month or two. It involves the use of special multani mitti to remove the  graffiti marks and engravings.

The structure is located in an open park and is, therefore, easily visible and accessible to public. Since it had become a happy hunting ground for the scribblers and vagarants, the ASI has increased security around it.

There are plans to redevelop the park and the garden around it.The monument is a prominent landmark in Nizamuddin besides the famed dargah of Khawja Nizamuddin. It has a great potential for tourist attraction during the Commonwealth Games because of its strategic location across the Subz Burj and behind the ruins of Lal Mahal.

 It has three arched openings on each of its sides and in the varandahs which have four domed apartments at each corner.  There is also a plan to illuminate it.

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