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"We cannot fully enjoy our freedoms and liberties in America unless our government is limited. As our government grows and becomes more intrusive, it is our freedoms and liberties that become limited!" - John Wallace

"All Politicians should be required to wear uniforms like Racing Car Drivers with patches showing the donations received from special interest groups so we know who has paid them off!" - John Wallace

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John Wallace - Conservative Republican

Welcome, my name is John Wallace and I believe that our individual Freedoms and Liberties, as well as our nation's sovereignty, are in danger because of both the actions and inactions of our federal elected officials, both Republicans and Democrats. As I consider running for federal office in 2010, I want to share my thoughts and opinions with you.

Today, the American people are at odds with their own government because of its out of control spending policies, its failure to stop illegal immigration and control our borders, its expansion and intrusion into our everyday lives, its support of NAFTA and other multi-country treaties that hurt American workers, its dramatic increases in regulations and taxation, as well as its fraudulent and unconstitutional financial bailout of the big banks, corporations and Wall Street firms that has pushed our country deeper into debt by trillions of dollars. Ronald Reagan was right on target when he said: "Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."

Many in the biased American media talk about the current administration as having revolutionary ideas that will solve the nation's economic problems and it looks like they are right. Unfortunately, the revolutionary ideas of the Obama administration appear to be very similar to the revolutionary ideas of Vladimir Lenin in the Russian Revolution of 1917. Lenin brought the Russian people nationalization of the banks, railroads and industry, food rationing, forced labor camps for the "re-education" of the non-believers and he eventually outlawed most private enterprise. After Lenin's death, Joseph Stalin took over the Soviet Union and among his first acts were the creation of a state-run system of socialized health care and a centralized cultural administration to "re-educate" the masses. There is every reason to believe that our politically correct American government is slowly but surely moving in the same direction.

We have already been told that President Obama, just like Joseph Stalin, intends to impose socialized medicine upon us. If the current administration policies are implemented, the small business owners in this country who drive the economy will be forced to pay crushing taxes to fund the proposed silver-plated healthcare for illegal aliens and those on welfare. Although private enterprise will not be formally outlawed, many small businesses will struggle or perish under this administration's policies, resulting in many of the original communist goals of Lenin and Stalin being implemented in this country.

The loss of our First Amendment Rights and the "re-education of the American people" will come in the form of a Fairness Doctrine, which Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will push through Congress by stressing the need to foster unity and to avoid destabilizing the country's financial markets with unfair, hurtful and unbalanced commentary by conservatives. This is what the future holds unless American citizens stand up and fight for their freedoms and liberties now.

Our country's Founders told us that Governments get their just powers from the consent of the governed and whenever the government becomes destructive of these ends, it is not only the people's Right, but it is their sacred Duty to change the government.

This is not a partisan party issue, because both parties have failed us. It is an American freedom and liberty issue! Now is the time for all Americans to exert their citizen power again. We must put aside any minor differences that have previously separated us and unite as one strong political force withthe major common goals of restoring or freedoms, liberty and sovereignty.

We must speak out now and support those like-minded individuals who carry the Freedom, Liberty and Sovereignty banner for us. We need to actively participate in the process and embrace a platform of having a smaller federal government, less taxation, returning control of our monetary system to congress (not private bankers in the Federal Reserve), preserving our individual freedoms and liberties, preserving the Bill of Rights and protecting our nation's borders and sovereignty. We must demand that candidates for office not accept any special interest money and that they only support policies and legislation that are in the best interests of the American people and not those of big corporations, international banks or other special interest groups.

Together, let us begin the journey that will leave future generations of Americans a legacy of individual freedom and liberty, a first class education system, a clean environment, a strong and sovereign America with an honest, limited government that will offer unlimited opportunities for their future. If we stand together and act now, we can give it to them.

For Freedom, Liberty and Sovereignty,

John Wallace


As I consider running for office in 2010, I think it is very important to let people know exactly what I stand for and that my views on the issues are my own deeply held views . Although you may not agree with my positions on all of the issues, I believe that you should know where I stand.

My Views on the Issues - The Declaration of Independence - Articles of Confederation - The United States Constitution - Register To Vote - English As Our Official Language - Voter Fraud in the USA - BlackBoxVoting.Org - The Minuteman Project - Congressional Accountability Watch - THAT RAGGED OLD FLAG - by Johnny Cash - Remembering 9-11 - CLICK HERE TO EMAIL JOHN

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