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Hello happy SIMpad owner!

This is the new home of On this page you can find information about SIMpads, what kind of operating systems you can install (Linux and Windows) and how other people modified their SIMpads.

There is also a community part where you can give this page your individual touch.

If you like to get in contact with others you can use the irc and web adresses of the"Get in contact" page.

As this is a Wiki feel free to add and correct things!

Have fun!

Special thanks

First of all I want to thank everyone who has worked on OS for the SIMpad. If I forgot to name someone in the "history" - just add him or her.

Moreover, I want to say thanks to my friend Ernst, who lend me his SIMpad. That was more than one year ago and now it's almost mine. ;) You can also thank him by taking a look at his wine online shop, where you find delicious german wine directly form the wine-grower!

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