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Copying cash

by David Birch

[Dave Birch] I’m a big fan of podcasts, and listen to quite a variety. One that I enjoy is Skepticality. I’ve just been listening to the recent episode about the American TV show “Numb3rs“. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but it’s a not-terribly-interesting drama about an FBI agent who solves crimes with the help of his Mathematics Professor brother. Anyway, on the podcast a couple of the producers (?) of the show were discussing making the show and they made a comment in passing that I couldn’t help but note. They said that they had been researching a show about counterfeiting and during the course of the research they had copied a $20 bill on a photocopier to see how well it came out. Shortly thereafter they got a phone call from the US Treasury. The photocopier was online, and phones home when someone tries to copy money! And the Treasury guys weren’t very happy to hear about the proposed plotline, about the FBI investigating some counterfeiters because, as all money nerds know, it’s the Secret Service (a branch of the Treasury until 2002, when it was moved to Homeland Security) who take care of that.

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