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scientists and the klash

by Nik Baerten

John Brockman’s organized a round of reflection on the financial crisis with several scientists. Mike Brown, Stuart Kauffman, Zoe-Vonna Palmrose and Lee Smolin ask: Can science help to solve the economic crisis? Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Douglas Rushkoff, Larry Sanger, Mike Brown, George Dyson, Emanuel Derman, Michael Shermer, Paul Romer, Tor Nørretranders, Eric Weinstein and Brian Knutson respond.

Several interesting questions pervade the discussion: In which way did science/scientism help create the problem in the first place? Would we be better off leaving the redesign of a new financial system (not a model) to entrepreneurs with a proven track-record of success? Can economics be linked to the systems of the natural world? Would an economic Manhattan project make sense? Could complexity science help shed more light on emergent economic dynamics? … and many more.