Memorial Day
Year: 1999
Directed by: Christopher Alender
Cast: Marcos Karbel
Theres Fretwill
Andrew Williams
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A couple of friends go to Memorial Lake Camp for a weekend
of sex and alcohol. At first everything seems fine but they
soon realize that they're not alone at the camp. A masked
killer has followed them and will do whatever it takes to
kill them. Will any of the friends survive or will they
all die at Memorial Lake Camp.

Back in 99, when the slasher wave was still popular, this
Friday The 13th rip-off was made in hope of cashing in on
the slasher hysteria. Unfortunately it never found real
distribution and so people were allowed to download it for
free on its official site, or at least I think it was
the official site, not sure. Now, 6 years later, companies
have started to open up their eyes for it around the world.
I never got to download it when it was available so when I
found a cheap Thai DVD release of it I decided to check
it out as I'm a sucker for slashers. Why this has found
distribution now is a question I'll always ask myself. Not
only is it a terrible no budget slasher, but it also has
five years on its neck to make it even less attractive.

The movie takes place at a camp called Memorial Lake Camp.
Now first of all, that's an abysmal camp name and second
of all, this hardly looks like a camp. The so called camp
basically consists of a sign saying "Memorial Lake Camp",
a lake, a very worn out cabin, and a couple of swings.
Sounds like a lot of fun huh? Memorial Lake Rehabilitation
Centre sounds more believable. Anyway, the friends, who
are a bunch of dimwit losers, lose their car keys as soon
as they arrive at the camp but since car keys isn't an
important issue to them, they decide to ignore the fact
that there's no way to get back home and start drinking
and telling campfire stories. All of a sudden a guy gets
a spear shot through him and everyone starts panic,
including me since I've just realized that more than half
of the movie is remaining. So now we're in for a lot of
stupid killings and a nonsense twist that anyone could
have seen coming from miles away.

This dreadful slasher should have never been released in
the first place in my opinion but as you see from my
rating, I still found some pleasure out of watching this.
What that was I don't know. As I sad before, I guess I'm
just a sucker for slashers involving a masked killer. It
has all the right slasher ingredients and with a higher
budget and bunch of brighter and hotter kids, it might
have been pretty good. But at the end of the day, Memorial
Day feels like a no budget 90s slasher reject, which is
basically just what it is.

We get a spear impalement, some nails through the head
and some blood splatter, nothing impressive.

Terrible soundtrack which adds on to the no budget feeling
of the movie. The soundtrack basically consists of weird
synth sounds, piano music and some really dreadful rock
music which no one would ever listen to.

This is definitely a rubbish slasher but with the few
slashers released these days I can only take whatever's
thrown at me. If you're in the mood for a no budget 90s
slasher that you still haven't seen, check it out, but
don't expect much from it.

Review By: AnthroFred