The easiest way to edit art for Blood is to use the EDITART utility that came with Duke Nukem 3D. You will need to put a copy of EDITART in your Blood directory to use it, along with the Blood Palette. Some of the later versions of Blood actually ship with EDITART. You may need to use BARF (or KEXTRACT) to extract the art files (tiles) from the original BLOOD.RFF file.

Download the EDITART art utility (
Download the BLOOD ART PALETTE (palette.dat)
Download the EDITART FAQ (eart-faq.txt, originally written for Duke Nukem 3D)


                           ARTEDIT README File

                 Copyright (c) 1994-97 Monolith Productions


MAIN KEYBOARD FUNCTIONS: Esc Exit the editor Enter Goto tile editing mode C Copy selected tiles G Goto a specific tile M Move selected tiles R Toggle registered status S Change surface type for tile(s) Shift Select a range for moving Delete Delete tile/tiles Insert Shift the selected range < > Arrows Change highlight shift < > Highlight a range of tiles Home Goto tile 0 End Goto last tile (4095) Pad / Zoom in Pad * Zoom out Page Up/Down Go up/down a page Alt Backspace Undo previous move TILE KEYBOARD FUNCTIONS: Escv Exit tile mode G Goto a specific tile Space Play tile animation < > Nudge tile origin 1 pixel Ctrl + < > Set origin to respective edge Ctrl Pad 5 Set origin to center O < > Nudge global origin V Change the voxel ID for the tile W Change tile view type < > Change view angle / Set view angle to 0 A Change animation type Pad +/- Change # of animation frames Shift Pad +/- Change animation speed O LMouse Drag origin Page Up/Down Prev/Next (non-blank) tile VIEW Single view objects do not change their view based on the players position. In other words, they look the same no matter how you look at them. This works best for objects with radial symtetry, such as pillars, cauldrons, torchiere lamps, etc. 5 view objects offer 8 different angles of view by x-flipping certain of the views to take advantage of bilateral symetry. The views represented in the art are 0, 45, 90, 135, and 180 degrees. Views for 225, 270, and 315 are created by x-flipping 135, 90, and 45 respectively. 8 view objects have unique views for each of the 8 viewing octants. 5 half view objects are a special case of 8 way views for objects which are flush against a wall. For these objects, it is not possible to view them from behind the wall, so the 3 rear views are skipped. Views of 0, 45, 90, 270, and 315 are represented. This mode works well for sconces, clocks, relief ornaments, etc.

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