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Written by Marcus   
Monday, 04 September 2006
Why do we need the Reform Movement?
We need the Reform Movement as strong voice to stand up for those who believe in the principles of tolerance openness and the rights of minorities. It is only fair in a truly democratic state that alternative viewpoints be heard. Reform also believes that Ireland should, as a sovereign state, recognising its close relationship with the peoples of England Scotland and Wales by re-joining the Commonwealth. We believe that this would not only be strategically beneficial but would be an important symbol of an new confident state at ease with its own identity and free from the animosities of the past.

If Ireland joined the Commonwealth, what would the benefits be? Would Ireland no longer be a republic?
There are 54 countries in the commonwealth, 33 of which are republics , and is home to more than 30 per cent of the world's population, including some 17 million people of Irish descent. Twenty-three per cent of world trade takes place between the countries in the Commonwealth. By joining, the Irish State would find for itself a new forum for dealing with economic, legal, cultural and political matters of mutual interest. We believe the Commonwealth Games would also offer attractive new incentives to our athletes. There are 54 countries in the commonwealth, 33 of which are republics which fought for, or were given, independence. Ireland would still be a Republic, like the Republics of Namibia, Fiji and South Africa.

Who are the minority?
We are Irishmen and Irishwomen from all backgrounds and traditions who do not fit in the seamless definition of our society. We are people who fall into a different type of Irishness, many of whom were air brushed out of history. We want this state to recogonise all traditions, in order to have a society to which all can feel part of.

Are you unionists?
No. Reform is a rights based organisation, which is trying to achieve constitutional change within the Republic. In an increasingly multi-cultural society Ireland should cherish and protect all its minorities. We want to live in an Ireland where the principles of pluralism and secularism are enshrined in our constitution. We believe the anti-British elements create unproductive and artificial divisions between the people of this Island and our neighbours. For this reason we would advocate their removal. Ultimately we believe individuals should be free to express their culture rather than it being imposed on them. This means giving people choice on issues such as the Irish language and the right to a British passport. Measures such as these will promote the realisation of a truly secular and pluralist republic and help to promote peace and tolerance of all traditions across the Island.

Why would you want a British passport if you are Irish?
On the flag of this republic are the colours of green and orange, symbolising the two traditions of our Island. Many Southern Irish people, though a minority, through history, conscience or decent feel part of the British tradition in Ireland. It is our belief that though a minority, these people should be entitled to claim British citizenship, Irish Citizenship or both. We believe that this fundament principle of allowing people to choose their identity, which is extended to members of the nationalist community in Northern Ireland, should be extended across the whole Island.