BBC2 orders improv comedy series

The improvisational skills of young comedians will be put to the test in real-life scenarios for a new BBC2 series.

Winging It is a 6 x 30-minute comedy series by Zeppotron Productions in which a host of comedy actors "must re-invent themselves on the run". It has been commissioned by BBC Switch, the corporation's cross-platform teen brand.

Knowing nothing about their roles until the very last minute, the performers will be "pushed to their limits".

The cast includes BBC Switch's 5:19 Show presenter, Tom Deacon, Rhys Thomas from The Wall and Star Stories, and Joe Thomas of The Inbetweeners.

Each challenge will begin with the comedian receiving a mission statement in the form of a dossier they prohibited from opening until minutes before their challenge begins.

Their mission will contain several 'hit points' – pre-planned obstacles, which increase in difficulty as the challenge progresses.

All the comedians will be guided through each challenge by the masked 'Wing Commander' who triggers each new part of the 'hit' via an earpiece.

It will be the first time the comedians hear what they have to do next.

The jeopardy intensifies as each challenge develops until the final pay-off which reveals whether or not they have successfully winged it.

Winging It was executive produced by Zeppotron's Neil Webster and was commissioned by head of BBC Switch Geoff Goodwin and BBC3 and Switch executive editor Karl Warner.

It will air on BBC2 from 18 April.

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Reader Response

Well done Zeppetron, make sure you don't make the classic Lee Mack mistake of putting anything like a joke in your show or else you'll be off the air in no time.