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ANZSI Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers


The Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers (ANZSI) was established as the Australian Society of Indexers (AusSI) in Melbourne on 27 April 1976 to replace the Society of Indexers in Australia (a group of members of the Society of Indexers of the United Kingdom).

Its aims were:

  • to hold practical workshops
  • to set fees for indexing work
  • to maintain a register of practising indexers
  • to cooperate with oher bodies of related interest
  • to form local groups or branches
  • to issue a newsletter
  • to set subscription rates for membership.

The membership has grown from 55 in 1976 to 220 in 2007.

Branches were established in Victoria (1976), New South Wales (1989), Australian Capital Territory (1993) and New Zealand (2004) and corresponding groups in Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

The ANZSI Council and the four branch committees carry on the work of the Society,  with

  1. General meetings - talks, panel discussions, seminars, workshops, visits to places of interest and joint activities with other bodies
  2. Conferences have been held at Marysville, Victoria (1995), Robertson, NSW (1996), Katoomba (1997), Hobart (1999), Canberra (in association with the Canberra Society of Editors, 2001), Sydney (2003), Melbourne (2005) and Melbourne (2007).
  3. Courses on back-of-book, periodical and database indexing have been conducted since 1977; courses by branches or in cooperation with ANZSI or by members of ANZSI have been held in all Australian states and territories and New Zealand and Singapore.
  4. Mentoring, introduced by the Victorian branch in 2003, now operating nationally.
  5. Registration - this form of recognition was established in 1977 and is based on work presented to a Panel of Assessors and judged to be of professional standard.
  6. Awards are presented by the Society - the annual Medal award for an outstanding book or periodical index, first presented in 1985, the Web Indexing prize, first presented in 1996 and Honorary Life Membership granted for service to the Society.
  7. Publications:
    - Newsletter, December 1976- (10 issues per year)
    - Index series, no 1, 2005-
    - Indexers, partners in publishing: proceedings, Marysville conference, 1995
    - The August indexer: proceedings, Hobart conference, 1999
    - Indexing, engage, enlighten, enrich: proceedings, Melbourne conference, 2005

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