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ANZSI Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers

ANZSI Newsletter

ISSN - paper: 0314-3767 electronic: 1326-2718
Editor: Peter Judge

The newsletter is sent free to all members of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers. It is published 10 times a year, with combined issues for Jan/Feb and Nov/Dec. Opinions expressed in the newsletter are those of the individual contributors, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Society.


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Earlier issues: Australia National Bibliographic Database catalogue entry and where to find this item in Australia


The specific goals of the ANZSI Newsletter are:

  1. Communication and information
    To give members timely details of forthcoming activities, such as meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars and courses organised by the Society, or by other bodies with related interests, or otherwise of interest to members of the Society.
    To report to members the Society’s activities and the deliberations of its committees, and to canvass members’ opinions on matters under consideration.
  2. Professional support
    To disseminate information on indexing techniques, practice and employment.
  3. Forum
    To provide a forum and to stimulate discussion on matters of professional concern to indexers.
  4. Network facilitation
    To facilitate interaction amongst indexing professionals, and between them and related groups, including publishers, editors, technical writers, authors and librarians.


We are delighted to receive contributions, both large and small, from members. Please contact us if you have any questions about suitable items for publication. The editor reserves the right to cut and edit material. If greater than one A4 page, please send files on a disk or via email in Rich Text Format, Word for Windows, or plain text (ASCII). Do not embed footnotes in Word files.


Image files can be accepted in most common formats. Do not embed images in text files. If possible, submit line drawings in a vector format or as an EPS file. Camera-ready art and photographs can be scanned by the editor.
Send copy or enquiries to: Editor

Advertising charges

Full page $A175; half page $A90; quarter page $A35; full year 10 for the price of 8.
Send copy or enquiries to:  Editor


Subscription to the Newsletter for non-members: $A55 p.a.

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