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Brutal Legend is coming to the Wii, Double Fine's not making it

BrutalLegend The Interwebs are abuzz today over Double Fine honcho Tim Schafer's rather cryptic comment when asked by 1UP about the rumor that there will be a Wii version of his upcoming heavy metal action game "Brutal Legend." "We are making an Xbox 360 and a PS3 version of Brutal Legend," he said.

He's telling the truth. Just not the whole truth. Double Fine is making "Brutal Legend" for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. And Electronic Arts is engaging another developer to make a version of the game for the Wii (most likely with Double Fine consulting). I'm not sure who that developer is, but several good sources have confirmed for me that it's in the works.

I also don't know when "Brutal Legend" for Wii will be released, but I'd be surprised it's it's this fall along with PS3 and 360, given that I understand development started fairly recently. But I wouldn't be surprised if it follows the model of the upcoming "Dead Space: Extraction" and comes out a year or so after the original PS3/360 version

Strategically, this is a no-brainer. EA has said its turnaround plan involves fewer, bigger franchises and a focus on the no. 1 console in the market: Wii. If "Brutal Legend" is one of those franchises (don't tell Activision!), it makes total sense EA wants to get it on Nintendo's platform. Especially since the game's main character carries a big-ass axe that it could be fun to swing with the Wii-mote.

An EA rep declined to comment.


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Great, as a Wii owners want more ""AAA core titles from EA"

We see more and more coming to the Wii!!

I will join in the list, this title will be a day one purchase!!

so EA's idea of "bringing core franchises to the Wii" is releasing outsourced, butchered, casualised spinoffs a year letter that have no chance of selling


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