Admissions, treatments and discharges at Norfolk Lunatic Asylum,
1814 - 1816 and 1834

Surname First Name Age: Parish Admitted Discharged Died Cause/type of Insanity Master/Med Supt: Treatment/History:
Parker Mary
Swanton Morley 04/01/1816 26/02/1816
Religious Mr. Thomas Caryl 5th Jan Mr Dalrymple orders MP to have a 'brest bath' with some lotion; her feet kept warm
Cusens [Cousins] Sarah Ann
Waybourn 15/12/1815 25/03/1816
disappointment Mr. Thomas Caryl 'Insanity come upon hir through her leding a bad course of life and disappointment of marriage with the man who she had a child by'
5th Jan ordered a powder by Mr Dalrymple: Dr Wright orders a strong dose of salts
16th Feb Dr Wright & Mr Dalrymple order opening pills
Dye Elizabeth
Fakenham 16/06/1815 26/02/1816
unknown Mr. Thomas Caryl Previously been in the Bethel 3 years
5th Jan Mr Dalrymple orderd 20 drops a day
West Elizabeth 60 Plumstead 10/01/1815

Mr. Thomas Caryl 8th Jan Dr Rigby orders her leg and feet to be given a warm bath following a fit + a few drops; repeated drops: 20/3 times/day
Engledon Esther
Stanfield 07/03/1815 05/10/1816
Disappointment Mr. Thomas Caryl 'Husband says disappointment after being left out of a will caused the insanity'
2nd Jan 1816 Mr Dalrymple orders open pills & drops
9th Jan 1816 Has another fit so TC takes it on board to repeat the Drs orders after her last fit: bed & drops
12th Mar TC repeats this treatment following another fit
Sheldrake Phoebe
Topcroft 23/06/1815 31/07/1815
Childbirth Mr. Thomas Caryl 1815 is second attack [previous one 2 years ago from laying-in] It is thought this attack is from the same effect as she have been put to bed only five weeks
3rd attack 10th Nov 1815, husband said that she had been low and tried to leave home day and night, when stopped PS became very violent, discharged 26/2/1816
13th Jan 1816 PS 'lowe' Dr Wright orders feet & legs to be warm bathed daily before bed
4th attack10/11/1816
Wright Robert 37 Westacre 25/01/1815
31/03/1824 epileptic Mr. Thomas Caryl Single; On Rev Wm Youge's warrant
28 Jan 1816, RW feverish Dr Wright & Rigby order some salts
died after long illness
Alsen Mary

Crowe Robert 41 Gayton 17/12/1814
03/01/1816 Consumptive Mr. Thomas Caryl Married; On M B Folks' warrant
Info from SAH 151 Dr Edward Rigby Visiting Doctor's Journal:
Dec 4th 1815: RC 'is in a deplorable state his paralysis and insensibility continuing he was, however, in a chair near the well cleaned'.
Pattengale William

cancelled see record ID 21
Lincoln John 28 Worstead 25/07/1815 27/12/1815
Violence Mr. Thomas Caryl TC: 'He have been home from sea about 7 month and it appears that he have been very violent ever since'
29th Nov 1815 John Lincoln: ordered to bed ‘until such time as he promised to behave [sic] better for ‘becoming violent and throwing his brackfast [sic] about the day room …he also threw his dinner beer about the room’
Powley Mary
Rollesby 17/08/1815 28/12/1815
Fright Mr. Thomas Caryl TC 'insanity come upon hir by a fright at seeing hir mother so ill in the Rollesby House of Industry and hir mother died soon after which take great effect of hir mind'
Green William 35 Thurton 19/10/1814
02/02/1823 Epileptic Mr. Thomas Caryl Single;
31st Jan 1816 Mr Dalrymple gives opening pills
Died of a fit
On Sir Ed Bacon's warrant
Russell Robert 33 Freethorpe 29/11/1814 28/08/1816
Alcohol abuse Mr. Thomas Caryl On Rev J Borton's warrant; married
A herring fisherman; 'got into bad company, drank too much; has a bad temper' 2nd attack; previously in Bethel for 6 weeks, 14 years ago.
8th Dec Robert Russell destroyed his shirt, trousers and slop [an outer garment e.g. jacket or smock garment] in the privy. TC ordered RR to bed as a punishment until he promises to behave better.
31st Jan 1816 Mr Dalrymple drew a tooth
TC: Discharged RR and sent him to Yarmouth By the court agreeable to the request of Thomas Abbott the Governor of Rollesby House of Industry who sent a man with a letter requesting I would do so. I also made a charge for RR clothing as he had no clothing of his own to go home in
Bailey Elizabeth
Bradestone 06/02/1816 01/05/1816
Religiously Insane Mr. Thomas Caryl 2nd Mar Mr. Dalrymple orders a mixture; 10th Dr. Rigby orders some salt
18th Mar Mr. Dalrymple bleeds EA + orders salts + a blister on her back
25th Mar Dr. Rigby & Mr. Dalrymple order leeches to be put on eye
28th Mar more salt
Sutton William

16/02/1836 Epileptic Mr. Thomas Caryl 12th Feb 1816 has epileptic fit, falls and hurt his head; TC orders some drops and for his head to be bathed in lotion
On Rev F Howman's warrant
died of apoplectic fit
Hart Daniel 23 Helhoughton 07/10/1815
24/03/1816 Rage Mr. Thomas Caryl single
Governor of workhouse [where he has been for some time] says DH is subject to 'paroxysms' of rage which ' render him to be unfit to be at large'
13th Feb 1816 Has fit and burns his face; TC orders him to be treated with lotion
20th Mar 1816 Following a fit TC ordered drops as prescibed by Physicians
22nd Mar Mr Dalrymple bleeds DH; orders a blester on his back & neck & salt every morning +asks for Dr Digby's opinion who orders 'continuous salt until he passes a motion'.
Daniel dies on the 24th
Woods William
Burnham Sutton 22/02/1816

Religiously Insane [2nd time?] Mr. Thomas Caryl 6th Mar 1816 given an opening mixture by TC
Rope Mary 59 Burlingham 28/10/1814 26/02/1816

Mr. Thomas Caryl
Ling Abraham 36 Ditchingham 15/07/1815
6th Mar 1816 Given an opening mixture by TC
died of decline
Pattingale William 45 Wymondham 01/06/1815 27/12/1815
epileptic Mr. Thomas Caryl readmitted 7th March 1816 and died 22nd Apr 1817 of apoplexy
Alden Mary

Rice Hannah
Southrepps 10/11/1815 25/03/1816
Epilepsy/ suicidal Mr. Thomas Caryl TC 'appears she has been lowe for some time and is very much trouble with fits and attempted to hang herself'
Breeze Elizabeth 18 Ridlington 21/11/1814

Mr. Thomas Caryl 28th Mar 1816 Mr Dalrymple orders Magnesium each morning
Jordan Elizabeth
Southrepps 17/08/1815 27/05/1816
Lowness of spirits, suicidal Mr. Thomas Caryl second admission 06/04/1816, discharged 24/06/1816
Canham Charlotte
Bacton 05/07/1815 24/06/1816
Religious insanity + bereavement Mr. Thomas Caryl TC 'it appears that insanity first come upon hir thought the loss of a child and it also appears to be family complaint and religiously insane'
Lillestone Sarah
Blofield 06/04/1816 24/06/1816
Unknown but readmission Mr. Thomas Caryl
Harris Amy
Thorpe 20/05/1815

Religiously insane Mr. Thomas Caryl Previously in the Bethel 3 years ago
Rends clothes, rug and bed TC orders the 'straight westcoat till such time as she behave better'
September 1815 Mr Dalrymple bleeds AH
1st Dec Amy Harris ‘become violent in the night’ broke 4 squares of glass
TC ordered her to sleep in one of the cells below, to be kept in bed all day ‘as a punishment'
6th Dec: became violent and completely destroyed her bed and blankets, TC: 'I asker her why she did it and she said she could not help it and that she would not do it any more I therefore said no more to her'
2nd April 1816 Dr Wright orders 3 steel pills/twice day
Lincoln Mrs

cancelled; see Elizabeth Lincoln
Groom Mary 62 Thurlton 19/07/1814
Mr. Thomas Caryl 13th April 1816; 'appeared to be in a declining state' so TC orders her to take some drops, summons Mr Dalrymple who also orders 1/2 pint port wine/ day + 30 drops/twice per day
Sendall Mary
Tasburgh 29/04/1816

Unknown but a readmission Mr. Thomas Caryl
Secker James 44 Aylsham 09/06/1814
23/10/1821 Epileptic Mr. Thomas Caryl Married On Robt Plumptre's warrant
4th July 1814 JS tries to escape over the walls; all walls are raised and seats moved away from walls to centre of yard. However, 23rd Feb 1815 JS still manages to scale wall; recaptured
28th May 1815 JS kicked another patient who was bolted into the day chair TC 'ordered to be keep to bed till he behave better'
29th May JS broke all the upper windows in his cell 'for which I locked him down hand and leg till he behave better'
30th May JS 'rent his bed rugg and blankets' so kept locked to his bedstead

10th July 1815 TC: 'JS destroyed clothing I therefore ordered him to go without'
12th JULY 1815 TC: 'JS destroyed his coat I therefore ordered him to go without till I can git him one made up'.
29th Dec 1815 James Secker violent, kicking and striking the doors and windows; TC orders him to be put into a cell; TS destroys his clothes so TC orders his hands to be locked
14th Mar 1816 James Secker broke a passage window; TC orders him to bed as a punishment JS tears his blanket TC orders his hands to be locked
1st Apr 1816 James Secker & Thomas Cock fighting; TC orders both to bed as a punishment
20th April 1816 James Secker destroyed his blankets and Robert Russell ‘still high’ so TC orders them to be kept in bed until they behaved better
June 19th 1821 JS attacked porter (John Ellis); Secker's face bruised - ordered to bed
Aug 16th 1821 JS noisy & violent in the night breaking his cell window - 'ordered to bed as a punishment'
22/10/1821 TC: 'Secker was taken very ill this afternoon…complained of a violent paine of the bowels, I gave him some drops'
23/10/1821 TC: 'Secker very ill Mr. Dalrymple bleed him - ordered him to have a blester put upon his stomick and to take a small dose of the salts every four hourses and a powder at bed time…'
JS died next day
Lincoln Elizabeth 53 Pulhams ST Mary 06/08/1814

Mr. Thomas Caryl 1814: Destroyed clothing 3 consecutive days - ordered to be kept in bed for one week
Mr Dalrymple order 20 drops twice per day for a few days
Delf Amy 22 Smallburgh 17/08/1814 20/03/1815
Lowness of mind Mr. Thomas Caryl 1814: broke window; TC orders her to be 'locked up'
Re-admitted 15/05/1815; given opening mixture.
Returned into her father's care
Readmitted 15th April 1815 'Loweness of mind'
Garrod Phyllis
Catfield 19/09/1815

religious insane Mr. Thomas Caryl Admitted with husband
Husband is quiet, wife is violent, he is 'ruled' by his wife
Husband discharged within 3 weeks; he then tried to get PG released
SAH 2 CoV reports:
14th Oct 1815 husband of SB request her discharge;special report to be made by Physicians
TG & PG's sister offered to come to any arrangement for the safe keeping of PG. But Dr Rigby and Mr Dalrymple informed the CoV that PG was 'a bad and dangerous patient' who was in the same state as when she was committed. CoV to write to George Cubitt, the Committing Magistrate for his opinion on the relatives' ability to keep PG in a state of security. G Cubitt refuses to recommend PGs discharge. CoV turn down application.
[Social control?]
Garrod Thomas
Catfield 19/09/1815 09/10/1815
religious insanity Mr. Thomas Caryl Admitted with wife
Husband is quiet, wife is violent, he is 'ruled' by his wife
Dobby Jemima 0 Bressingham 07/02/1815 11/11/1815
unknown Mr. Thomas Caryl 'an old case' is put in the incurable room
31st March 1815 Violent to the matron TC orders her to bed and to be chained down by one wrist and leg'
25th May 1815 bent a bolt TC when I asked her what she did it for she began with her ridiculous talk, I herefore ordered her to bed and put another leg lock and wrist upon her'
20th June 1815 JD broke a pane of glass in the incurable day room; TC 'she say that it was done in putting up the window and that she was sorry for it - I therefore did not say anything to hir' see also Harris
JD is discharged same year despite being in the incurable room, repeatedly locked, chained to chairs

Info taken from SAH 151Visiting Doctor's Journal Dr Edward Rigby M.D. Nov 1814-Jan 1817
JD…'belongs to Bressingham but came from Norwich Bridewell to which she had been admitted as a vagrant'

Info taken from SAH 52 Patient's Maintenance Ledger 1814-1824 show that JD spent several periods at SAH before returning to Bressingham - stays usually about 4-6 months
Roberts William 38 Loddon 16/02/1815 29/05/1815
Epilepsy Mr. Thomas Caryl On Sir Ed Bacon's warrant
Discharged to Heckingham House of Industry
Vincent Samuel 55 Drayton 10/03/1815
19/09/1815 Religious insanity Mr. Thomas Caryl On John Browne's warrant; married
Information given by SV's friend.
SV hung himself in the 'necessary' using his handkerchief, coroner informed inquest held at SAH on 22nd September, including a jury of 12 men, verdict: insanity
Myhill Susanna 0 Ashmanhaugh 21/03/1815

not given Mr. Thomas Caryl
Randall William 59 Mattishall 29/03/1815
04/01/1825 dangerous lunatic/Studying Mr. Thomas Caryl TC 'Insanity come on by studying and learning & Musick. He have been in this way 17 years'
On Rev Ed Mellish's warrant
died of decline
Land Phoebe 0 Gissing 01/04/1815 25/11/1816
Religious insanity Mr. Thomas Caryl Insanity caused by a 'feaver the same time she had the meetings' after which she become lowe'
7th July 1815 Dr Wright's report [SAH 147] PL maded 3 attempts to destroy herself yesterday and ordered that somebody sleep in the same room with her and that 'extraordinary precautions be observed regarding her'.YET WHEN PL DESTROYS HER GOWN TEN DAYS LATER TC ORDERD HER TO BED AND TO BE LOCKED BY BOTH HANDS

Re: decarceration: SAH 2 pg 117 30th Oct 1815 John Land, a husbandsman, husband fights for his wife's discharge; asks CoV for discharge, also offers to provide a woman to take constant charge of his wife. But Medical attendant stated that PL was 'one of the worst patients in the house and if discharged would probably destroy herself. CoV refuse application.
25th Mar 1816 applies again but CoV refuse
Childs Jonathan 42 Attleborough 01/04/1815
30/06/1815 Epilepsy Mr. Thomas Caryl TC insanity come on by a violent temper and epileptic fits
dies in an epileptic fit; buried at Thorpe
married; On Sir Beevor's warrant
Jarmany Sarah 0 Wroxham 04/04/1815
14/04/1815 Loweness Mr. Thomas Caryl TC 'insanity come on by a feaver and then changed to loweness'
SJ appears to be very ill on admittance
SAH 147 Physicians Report [Dr Wright]: April 10th 1815 SJ admitted. She had lately been a patient at the N&N under Dr Wright's care. She is afflicted with diabetes, and consider her in a dying state.'
Hilton Robert 30 Reedham 24/04/1815
Mr. Thomas Caryl Single; On Rev Borton's warrant
died of consumption
Jay Mary 0 Reedham 24/04/1815
Mr. Thomas Caryl Single;
On Rev Borton's warrant
Waters William 40 Beighton 06/05/1815 10/07/1815
Epileptic fits Mr. Thomas Caryl Married; on S Southwell's warrant
Ashfield Mary 0 Banham 09/05/1815
11/06/1815 Loweness Mr. Thomas Caryl TC: Insanity come upon hir first by a loweness of spirits soposed on account of hir husbon being transportted'
remains very despondent
no medication is given by visiting doctors except some wine when they think she is dying
buried at SAH
Yearham Mary 0 Briston 12/05/1815

Jealousy Mr. Thomas Caryl TC 'she have been in the Bethel, her first attack come on through her jealousy - her husbon did keep another woman and take her home to his house to lay in'
Wright James 47 Old Buckenham 24/05/1815 27/11/1815
Hereditary Mr. Thomas Caryl previously in Bethel 7/8/ years ago
TC 'no particular reason only a family complaint'
Single; On John Browne's warrant
Batley John 64 Newton St Faiths 26/05/1815
20/04/1818 Disappointment/family complaint Mr. Thomas Caryl Single; On J Ives' warrant
TC disappointment of some money which he expected and a family complaint
Is injured by another patient and dies shortly afterwards
From Dr. Wright's reports [SAH 148]:
11th April 'Found JB in bed in consequence of a hurt which he received from Macro in some sudden quarrel between them. In the scuffle he fell upon his left arm which is generally swelled from the hand to the shoulder and causes much pain and suffering. Macro's conduct has been violent towards other patients and the master had very properly put a chain upon him.'
22nd April 'JB died on the 20th. Batley was by far the most noisy and testley patient we have in the asylum but for the last three or four weeks he appeared more feeble and less violent than usual. He probably would not have lived long as his manner and appearance had greatly altered of late but I consider that his death was hastened by the effects of the hurt which he received from Macro.'
Dodman Thomas 38 Colkirk 27/05/1815 31/07/1815
Alcohol abuse Mr. Thomas Caryl TC 'insanity had come by hard drinking'
married; On Rev Ed Mellish's warrant
Alden Sarah 0 Old Buckenham 03/06/1815

family complaint Mr. Thomas Caryl TC insane many years and she could not ne keep at home and that it is a family complaint
28 Jan 1816 Dr Wright & Rigby order SA to have a blister
23rd Mar 1816 opening mixture ordered by Dr Rigby
Townshend Richard 22 Oxnead 12/07/1815
30/01/1822 Disappointed in marriage Mr. Thomas Caryl Died of epilpetic fit
'A dangerous epileptic idiot'
Francis Elizabeth 0 Stow Bardolph
Unknown Mr. Thomas Caryl TC' Insanity come upon hir 7 years ago when hir husbon being sent away [to prison for robbery]'
Howes Celia 38 Wymondham 18/03/1815 30/08/1815
Religious insanity Mr. Thomas Caryl Returned to the House of Industry, Wymondham
NB admitted again in 1834, same cause, discharged 1835
High John 55 Horsford 09/09/1815
12/03/1818 Religiously insane Mr. Thomas Caryl TC 'has been in a state of insanity for some time and is very much troubled with epilepsy fits and religiously insane'
Parfitt Charlotte 0 Long Stratton 14/09/1815 02/11/1815
Illness Mr. Thomas Caryl TC 'insanity come upon hir by a long illness and she is in a very lowe state'
returned to her husband
King Robert 23 Thursford 16/09/1815
10/07/1832 Suicidal Mr. Thomas Caryl On Rev J Glasse's warrant; single
Father's account: A girl had a child by RK, at first he would not marry but later behaved so violently that his master Sir George Chad discharged him; RK tried to cut his throat and make away with the child
30th Nov 1815 Robert King violent and throwing stones which broke 2 windows Ordered to be kept with the day chains with both hands locked ‘till he behave better’
10th Dec Robert King completely destroys his shirt + 1 Bed blanket - TC orders to be kept in bed as a punishment
26th Dec Robert King destroys his coat and hat TC orders to be as a punishment
16th Jan Robert King destroys his breeches; TC ordered him to bed as a punishment
6th FebRobert King destroys his jacket so TC orders him to bed as a punishment
15th FebRobert King destroys his breeches TC orders him to his cell as a punishment
22nd Feb Robert King destroys his breeches, jacket and hat; TC orders both his hands to be locked
29th Feb Robert King destroys hat TC orders to cell as a punishment
16th Mar Robert King destroys another shirt [the third in 2 weeks] TC orders him to his cell without a shirt as a punishment until he behaves better
28th Mar Robert King destroys his clothing TC orders him to bed as a punishment
2nd April Robert King destroyed his waistcoat TC orders to bed as a punishment
died of consumption
Buttle Sarah 0 Carleton Rode 11/10/1815 27/11/1815
Love Mr. Thomas Caryl TC: Account of Overseer 'insanity come upon hir through love'
Townshend Thomas 0 Carleton 15/11/1815

Epilepsy Mr. Thomas Caryl TC very much troubled by his fits and in such a dangerous state at times
Secker Isaac 0 Wighton 24/11/1815
03/12/1815 Religious insanity Mr. Thomas Caryl First attack of religious insanity 12 years ago
TC: he is very violent
After arrival at SAH TC 'barthed IS in the hot barth Secker being so dirty from his riding to long in the cart,
Buck Nathanial 0

Mr. Thomas Caryl No indication of when admitted but is there in 1821
July 11th 1821 NB broke all the windows in his cell I ordered him to be lock by the leg to the chair in the yard as a punishment for so doing - he being very abusive
28th Aug NB 'violent and abusive' ordered to be locked by the leg in the yard
8th Oct 'In consequnece of NB constanlty destroying his beding I am under the necessity of ordering him to sleep in straw'
3rd Nov tears his clothes - locked to the chair
13th Nov 1821 NB had destroyed his coat and bedding so TC orders 'him to have the new muff on in order ti confine his hands.' But these were not on for long; NB and John Link go to the privy and JL used a sharp stone to cut the strap. TC locks both of JLs hands to the day chair in the yard 'as a punishment for liberating Buck'.
Long John 0

Mr. Thomas Caryl No details except that JL is at SAH in 1821

20th July 1821 JL pulls out his left eye in the night; the porter finds blood and the eye in the morning; Mr Dalrymple orders TC to send for one dozen leeches and apply them to the external part of the eye socket which is swollen; both of JLs hands are locked; JL seems to still be alive by the end of 1821
Nudd John 40 Hickling 04/07/1815 25/10/1815

Mr. Thomas Caryl Married
On Rev Wm Gunn's warrant
Discharged at wife's request
SAH 2 CoV reports
14th Oct 1815 relations of JN request his discharge;special report to be made by Physicians
: Physicians feel that JN 'is in a state of mental derangement as to render it dangerous to himself or the public to allow him to go at large.' Request refused but a Mr Sayer, a small farmer of Thurgarton [who has a wife and 6 children] attended to Committee meeting and proposed to receive Nudd and his wife at his house and keep Nudd as far as possible in ' a state of security'. JN discharged but is re-admitted on 4th July 1816
Brundish Sarah 31 Potter heigham 08/09/1814

Mr. Thomas Caryl SAH 2 CoV reports
14th Oct 1815 husband of SB request her discharge;special report to be made by Physicians
Husband offers to procure a woman to take care of his wife. But 'it appeared to the Committee that the man's earrings were in no way equal to such an expense' so as the Surgeon had also certified she was 'a bad patient' to CoV refuses consent
Dack Francis 37 Tuddenham 09/08/1814 31/10/1814

Mr. Thomas Caryl Married;
On Robt Plumptre's warrant
Harvey Hannah 30 Binham 07/09/1814 31/10/1814

Mr. Thomas Caryl
Sewall Sarah 0


cancelled ; see Sarah Newell
Fenn Thomas 70 Saxthorpe 11/08/1814 28/11/1814

Mr. Thomas Caryl Married;
On F Horatio Batchelder's warrant
Franklin Philip 24 East Dereham 22/06/1814 26/12/1814

Mr. Thomas Caryl On Rev Coleby's warrant
Haylett Mary 46 Hockering 26/09/1814 26/12/1814

Mr. Thomas Caryl
Manship Maria 38 Hemsby 03/08/1814 27/02/1815

Mr. Thomas Caryl
Roll Ann 47 Paston 05/10/1814 27/03/1815

Mr. Thomas Caryl
Miles Elizabeth 39 Shouldham 09/11/1814

Mr. Thomas Caryl 4th June 1815
TC ‘Mrs Miles behave very ill and tacking clothing which did not belong to hir, and concealed then under the water closet, the matron and patients maid tryed all they could to make out what she had done with hir things but she would not tell them I therefore was under the necessity of going to hir and make hir git out of bed with only hir shift and nightcap upon hir and after a great deal of trouble with a BOX OF THE FACE she brought forward the clothing from under the water closet. I then examined the place where she pulled out their clothing and found two pots a shift and many little things which did not belong to hir and she said they were all hirs and that I should be hanged for taken them away.’
Young Mary 20 Pentney 10/11/1814 29/05/1815

Mr.Thomas Caryl Discharged into her mother's care
Hindry Daniel 26 Hidringham 16/09/1814 29/05/1815

Mr.Thomas Caryl Discharged into his brother's care
On Sir G Chad Bart's warrant
Nickerson Robert 40 Smallburgh 18/05/1814
13/11/1827 Dangerous lunatic Mr. Thomas Caryl Died of consumption
On Rev Wm Gunn's warrant
Pestle Samuel 70 Bacton 18/05/1814
Mr.Thomas Caryl On Rev Wm Gunn's warrant
died of intestinal illness
Burrell Henry 56 Langley 31/05/1814
Mr. Thomas Caryl On Ed Bacon's warrant
died of decline after long illness
Cock Thomas 41 Sheringham 09/06/1814
Mr. Thomas Caryl Died of decline after long illness
On Robt Plumptre's warrant
Gent Richard 75 Arminghall 10/06/1814
Mr.Thomas Caryl Married
Died after a 3 month illness
On John Browne's warrant
Pane John 42 Blakeney 30/06/1814
19/05/1815 Epileptic Mr. Thomas Caryl Married
died after long illness
Eaders Robert 40 West Laxham 19/07/1814
Mr. Thomas Caryl Died of consumption
On Rev Colby's warrant
England John 37 Filby 29/07/1814
Mr. Thomas Caryl Single
Cause of death: dropsical
Glasspole Robert 60 Hindringham 18/08/1814
Mr.Thomas Caryl Married; Died of consumption
On Sir G Chad Bart's warrant
Suffling James 29 Dilham 03/10/1814

Epileptic Mr.Thomas Caryl Married
On Rev Wm Gunn's warrant
Nixon William 66 Emneth 03/10/1814
Mr. Thomas Caryl Widower; died of decline
On A Hamond's warrant
Noy Thomas 41 Redenhall 03/10/1814
18/05/1833 dangerous idiot Mr.Thomas Caryl Died of decline; single
On John Aldershaw's warrant
Woodrow John 35 Sherrington 05/10/1814
Mr. Thomas Caryl Married; died after long illness
On John Browne's warrant
Whitehead John 62 Walsingham 05/10/1814
Mr. Thomas Caryl Singe; died of decline
On John Browne's warrant
Burgess Richard 45 Yelverton 19/10/1814
Mr. Thomas Caryl Died of consumption
On J Ives' Warrant
Betts James 28 Sculthorpe 24/12/1814 08/08/1815

Mr.Thomas Caryl On EdWoodhouse's warrant; Single
Page Susanna 55 Ellingham 19/07/1814
Mr.Thomas Caryl Married; On Sir Ed Bacon's warrant
Murdy Elizabeth 0 Melton Parva 19/11/1814
Mr. Thomas Caryl Married; On J Postle's warrant
Gent Hannah 41 Wroxham 25/07/1814

Mr. Thomas Caryl
Newell Sarah 40 Weeting 27/07/1814 28/11/1814

Mr. Thomas Caryl
Elliott Mary 39 Weston 20/09/1814

Mr. Thomas Caryl
Bunning Sarah 39 North Pickenham 03/10/1814

Mr. Thomas Caryl
Kemp Martha 40 Burnham 31/10/1814
Mr. Thomas Caryl On Rev J Glass' warrant
Pegg Anne 45 Plumstead 10/01/1815

Mr. Thomas Caryl
Christmas Elizabeth 27 Bodham 09/01/1834 04/08/1834
Despondent Mr. Thomas Caryl Overseer's account: cause unknown; lowe for some time
Sands Easter 35 Foulsham 18/01/1834 04/08/1834
Hereditary Mr. Thomas Caryl On admission 'her insanity appears to be a family complaint at this time' Violently restless & noisy
Eggleton William 23 Kempstone 21/01/1834

Epileptic & Idiocy Mr. Thomas Caryl Admitted from Gressing Hall of Industry; Overseer states 'he is a very bad epileptic subject & dangerous idiot'
Dodman Thomas 64 Aylsham 15/08/1833
19/01/1834 Feeble & restless Mr. Thomas Caryl Has been in SAH in 1815 [discharged 31st July] cause: drinking

Cause of death 'decline'.
TC complains TD was 'feeble when admitted' and in 'bodily decline'
Ketteringham Frances 27 East Watton 08/02/1834

Confinement Mr. Thomas Caryl Account of mother: lowe & desponddent since lying-in 4 months ago
Browne Elizabeth 38 Longham 15/02/1834 25/05/1835
Religiously despondent Mr. Thomas Caryl Account of overseer & EB's sister; has tried to destroy herself
Discharged at the request of her husband
Baker Stephen 21 Catton 18/02/1834 31/03/1834
Restless Mr. Thomas Caryl Oversseer's account: has been violent for 2 weeks; tried to hang himself twice
Kemp Frances 44 Newton Flotman 18/02/1834 31/03/1834
religiously insane Mr. Thomas Caryl re-admission;
overseer's account: could do nothing with FK since she attended the 'rinting' meetings [NB TC uses the word distroy for destroy]
Dunt Patience 49 Cantley 25/03/1834

Stupor Mr. Thomas Caryl Readmission;
Overseer: 'labouring under mental derangement for 25 years'
Harper Linah 55 Roydon 27/03/1834

Suicidal - bereavement Mr. Thomas Caryl Constable's account: tried to cut her throat and in a violent state'
Cause death of son
Jolley Frances 26 Shellfanger 29/03/1834

Religiously insane Mr. Thomas Caryl Overseer's account: 'restless and wandering', 'religiously insane'
Plummer Frances 53 Forncett St Peter 16/04/1834
04/05/1834 Despondent Mr. Thomas Caryl Readmission
Husband's account: restless and despondent for some months following the loss of some property
Died of consumption
Bolton John 23 Downham Market 04/05/1834 29/12/1834
Violently noisy Mr. Thomas Caryl readmission
Constable's account: wandering in despondent state
Claxton Ann 47 Docking 17/05/1834

Religiously insane Mr. Thomas Caryl On admission is in ill health & Despondent; religiously insane from attending the 'rinting meetings'
Barsted John 28 Wood Norton 19/03/1834 24/11/1834
Marriage disappointment Mr. Thomas Caryl Constable's account: violent & restless state and wandering at nights; due to disappointment in marriage
Gobbett Hannah 65 Diss 29/05/1834
16/07/1835 Restless Mr. Thomas Caryl Overseer's account: 'feeble for some years'
Dies of consumption
Parke Mary 83 Hingham 03/06/1834

Feeble & incoherent Mr. Thomas Caryl Overseer's account: 'feeble and wandering for some time'
Baker Miles 48 Fakenham 05/06/1834

restless Mr. Thomas Caryl Brother's account: despondency brought on by misfortune & drink
Family had a man look after him for some time but MB always wandering
Downe Arthur 50 Keswick 13/06/1834 29/09/1834
restless & despondent Mr. Thomas Caryl Overseer's account: despondent for some time but lately became violent and threatened to kill his wife and children; parish tried to take care of him but then AD became suicidal
Hubbard John 18 Feltwell 13/06/1834 25/05/1834
Idiot Mr. Thomas Caryl Overseer's account: Idiot for some time but lately became troublesome to all females coming in his way

JH discharged at the request of his father
Neve Elizabeth 61 Hethersett 19/03/1834

Restless & feeble Mr. Thomas Caryl Overseer's account: feeble for some time
Garnham Sarah 36 Antingham 05/07/1834 29/12/1834
Miscarriage Mr. Thomas Caryl Mother's account: MG's insanity brought on by miscarriage which had made her violently restless
King Sarah 36 Chedgrave 14/07/1834

Suicidal Mr. Thomas Caryl Overseer's account: 'has attempted her own life'
Bilham Mary 58 Great Ellingham 14/03/1834

Noisy & incoherent Mr. Thomas Caryl Readmission
Overseer's account 'they could do nothing with her'
Wright Edward 28 Gillingham 15/07/1834

Despondent Mr. Thomas Caryl Constable's account: EW wandering about for some time and talks of destroying himself'
Rose Mary 44 Ashmanhaugh 18/07/1834 24/11/1834
Religiously insane Mr. Thomas Caryl readmission previously discharged 28th April 1834
Constable's account: Violently restless and abusive, has been like this since she was sent home; insanity came on after attending the 'renting [could be ranting] meets'
Ellis Charles 48 Swaffham 26/07/1834
20/02/1834 Alcohol Mr. Thomas Caryl Governor of workhouse: violent for some time; insanity due to drinking; 'a family complaint' [hereditary?]
admitted in a consumptive state;
Dies of consumption
Easton John 58 Cawston 02/08/1834 29/09/1834
Violently noisy Mr. Thomas Caryl Brother's account: violent and restless for about a week; no cause known
Crisp Maria 25 Langley 05/08/1834

Feeble & despondent Mr. Thomas Caryl Governor's of Heckingham House of Industry account: Cause unknown, sent home from Yarmouth in a despondent state
Bodily Ill
Dickerson Elizabeth 60 Brooke 09/08/1834

Violent, noisy Mr. Thomas Caryl Constable's account: cause unknown, has been in a violent state for some time
Rivett Rebecca 36 Horning 27/08/1834

Violent & incoherent Mr. Thomas Caryl Overseer's account: restless & incoherent; cause unknown
Dady Jonathan 43 Saxlingham Nethergate 08/09/1834

Despondent Mr. Thomas Caryl Readmission
Brother-in-law's account: restless, 'they could not keep him at home any longer'
Howes Celia 57 Wymondham 10/09/1834 27/04/1835
Religiously insane Mr. Thomas Caryl Readmission: previously admitted 18/3/1815 - religious insanity age 38, discharged 30/8/1815
Overseer: cause is religious insanity; CH is restless & incoherent
Discharged to Industry House
Crisp Sarah 43 Walsoken 12/08/1834

religious insanity Mr. Thomas Caryl Woman who looks after SC: violent and restless for some years
Everett John 32 Carleton Rode 14/08/1834

Religiously insane Mr. Thomas Caryl Overseer's account: Could not be kept at home any longer, restless, 'family complaint' [father died in SAH in 1823]
Fulcher Phoebe 72 Ludham 17/08/1834

suicidal Mr. Thomas Caryl Constable's account; brought in from workhouse, PH has attempted suicide
Hunt Thomas 40 Wroxham 02/10/1834

religious insanity Mr. Thomas Caryl Overseer's account: has been in a violent state for some time
Howes Frances 62 Kenninghall 02/10/1834
29/11/1834 Feeble Mr. Thomas Caryl Overseer's account: FH has been a lunatic for some years, not dangerous but feeble
Thrower William 40 Toft Monks 27/10/1834

Despondency Mr. Thomas Caryl Overseer's account: Insanity brought on by fear of going into the workhouse
Burcham Stephen 64 Thorpe 30/10/1834 27/03/1835
Feeble Mr. Thomas Caryl Brought in from Wicklewood House of Industry
Governor's account: Insanity caused by head fracture
Bartram James 37 Felmingham 14/11/1834

Despondent/Jealousy Mr. Thomas Caryl Overseer's account: mentally deranged for 2 years, insanity brought on through jealousy
Bird Elizabeth 51 Brockdish 12/11/1834

Marriage disappointment Mr. Thomas Caryl Overseer's account: Been in workhouse for some time suffering in a violent state until 'they could cope with her no longer' [so ok to stay in a less expensive workhouse until unmanageable]
Cause of insanity thought to be disappointment of marriage
Blades Allen 17 Wimbotsham 12/11/1834

Idiocy Mr. Thomas Caryl Father's account: wandering state for some time, with fever of the brain; father could no longer trust him to be alone
Pearce William 44 Horsham St Faiths 24/11/1834

Suicidal Mr. Thomas Caryl Overseer's account: despondent; has tried to drown himself; cause unknown
cannot be kept at home any longer
Harris Martha 27 Downham Market 11/12/1834 31/08/1835
High & restless Mr. Thomas Caryl readmission
from Bethnal Green workhouse where she has been since discharge
George Matilda 38 Hickling 11/12/1834 25/05/1835
Suicidal/threat to others Mr. Thomas Caryl Been in this state since the confinement of her 8th child 3 months ago
Feeble & paralytic
discharged at request of her husband
Shearing Mary 19 Wymondham 17/12/1834

Fright Mr. Thomas Caryl Overseer's account: Restless & Incoherent; cause of insanity following a fright
Wright Thomas 19 Glandford 22/12/1834
27/07/1835 Dangerous Idiot Mr. Thomas Caryl Father's account: dirty habits, dangerous idiot, subject to epilepsy
Dies of consumption
Smith Samuel 45 Little Walsingham 24/12/1834

Death of wife Mr. Thomas Caryl Brought from Norwich Workhouse where SS has been confined for a short time
Violently noisy