What is MoSPIN?

MoSPIN is the acronym for the Missouri Statewide Police Intelligence Network.

MoSPIN is a secure, web-enabled, computerized intelligence sharing system that allows authorized local, state and federal law enforcement personnel to make inquiries of, or submission to, a shared intelligence database.
MoSPIN is deployed on the Mid-States Organized Crime Information Center's (MOCIC) Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) Network
MoSPIN is an investigative tool and provides the only secure networked conduit for Missouri law enforcement agencies to share intelligence information.
MoSPIN also provides the participating officers with a secure e-mail and a shared bulletin board for confidential notices and information of interest to law enforcement.
With access to the secure e-mail, requests can be sent to the Missouri State Highway Patrol's Motor Vehicle Bureau (MVB) to request a copy of a photograph, which can then be e-mailed to the requestor over a secure e-mail.

How do I get access to MoSPIN?

Call the Missouri State Highway Patrol's Division of Drug and Crime Control unit at 573-526-6212 or e-mail
The Missouri State Highway Patrol administers MoSPIN; however, MoSPIN is available to all law enforcement agencies at no cost.

How does MoSPIN Work?

  • MoSPIN is event driven
  • MoSPIN is available 24 hours 7 days a week through the Internet once a user name and password is established
  • Every event must have at least one subject
  • MoSPIN allows communication among officers who are working different events involving the same subject
  • Events contain the following information: event number, creator, location, type of activity, contributor, county, event date, reliability of data and a short synopsis
  • Subjects contain the following information: name, social security number, personal attributes, aka's, addresses, work places and vehicles
  • Search of a subject is required before an event can be entered, this allows subjects to be entered only once if many events involve the same subject
  • Events can be viewed by event number, contributor, creator, criminal activity and/or date
  • Subjects can be viewed by name, social security number, aka's, and gang type
  • Searches of MoSPIN can be done by using a free text search. For example, if you are looking for methamphine in Cole County on Highway 50, hits will come back with those keywords. Every entry containing methamphine, Cole County and Highway 50 will be returned in the query.
  • MoSPIN also offers the ability to add photographs of subjects and events.
  • MoSPIN gives the owner of the record notifications if someone else has opened their event. The data is logged and disseminated.

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