14 Nov 2008

Dreamworld partners another Aussie icon and unleashes V8 Supercars power.

In a continuation of its strategy to align with powerful brands and Australian icons, Dreamworld has announced a partnership with V8 Supercars Australia to bring the first full-motion virtual V8 Supercars experience to the country on December 17. Racing fans and gaming enthusiasts will have access to all the behind-the-scenes details of the attraction launch via a Dreamworld blog - http://v8supercars.dreamworld.com.au - from Monday, November 17.

In what amounts to a “so real, it roars” experience, fans will be able to put themselves in the driver’s seat of one of four replica V8 Supercars associated with leading drivers. The line-up of cars and drivers will be announced on the Dreamworld blog.

Fitted with collision detection and real dynamic mechanical vibration, the virtual ride straps challengers into a V8 Supercars racing world, with motion cues supporting on-screen action. Drivers will feel the vibration of the motor and the pull of the controls against asphalt as they pit themselves against three other simulator cars and 21 computer-generated racing cars over a six minute virtual race. Guests can challenge their favourite V8 Supercars drivers, the leaderboard, and each other.

Three computer generated tracks mapped on actual racing circuits will be available on large display screens, with the first two tracks preparing drivers for the holy grail of all Australian circuits; Bathurst’s Mount Panorama.

Dreamworld General Manager of Operations, Rob Buchanan said the new attraction would add to the strong line-up of powerful brands already in park including The Wiggles, the Mick Doohan Moto-Coaster, Nick Central and Big Brother.

“V8 Supercars is a powerful iconic brand that has streamed into the Australian culture through more than a decade of racing and live television broadcasts.

“Most Australians have grown up with the roar of the V8 engine on weekend television and the popularity of the sport today cuts across all demographic groups; from kids to mums and dads and grandparents. The V8 Supercars fan base also extends to our key source market of New Zealand and the emerging travel markets in the Middle East.”

Dreamworld takes a collaborative approach to attraction development said Buchanan.

“V8 Supercars has been involved in all facets of this development from attraction design, liveries, track development and mapping to bring an authentic V8 Supercars race to the public. The attention to detail is incredible and extremely realistic. Contestants will put themselves in the driver’s seat and actually feel the bitumen push against the steering wheel as they work through turns.

“Just like a real race, they will also experience the jarring impact of a crash at high speeds.”

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