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Looking for a webmaster for this web.
If you are interested, send an email to Magiatar telling about your interes in rm2k3 and some words about your experiences with html, rm2k3 and so on

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Restoring to its full glory!:

Hi all. I'm Sarg, a RPGMaker fan and also a veteran webmaster. When I saw WayFarer Mage was going to abandon, I couldn't help myself and used a website copier to obtain a HD backup of the entire site. At first, I intended to use it only for my personal games, but, lately, I have been thinking that relaunching the site might be a really nice thing for all rm2k(3) users around the world.

After trying to contact WayFarer Mage about all this, I found that he didn't care too much about what I was planning. He never said Yes or No, just didn't answer my messages. However, people in the community have been increasingly asking me to restore, and talk with Wayfarer Mage if he has any problems later. And that's exactly what I'm doing!

I hope you enjoy what I've done, although some of the sections are still malfunctioning, and will need further work. If you see a blank screen popping up when you click a link, something must be fixed there! NOTE: Known problems right now: Animal and Monster charasets, any chipset page except for the first row, people in monster images. If you spot any more, please contact us.




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