Safe Housing Tips
Basic Needs for Rental Housing for Chemically Sensitive Persons

If you are a realtor, friend or family member who is helping a chemically sensitive persom find safe housing, here's a handy checklist you can use when checking out houses.

Structure 5+ years old (preferably 8+ years old if standard construction)

No recent painting or remodeling (depends on how much and where, but indoor paint should
be at least 1 year old)

Electric utilities (or can be easily converted to electric - hot water
baseboard, radiator, or radiant heat is okay depending on location of heat source)

No pesticide used for 3+ years (depends where and how much - includes sprays, bombs,
mothballs, termite treatments, etc.

If chlordane was ever used, forget it!

No mold (Beware of past or present roof or pipe leaks, evidence of water damage, poor drainage
from structure - bigger concern in older and shaded houses)

No carpeting (unless can be taken up or is 8+ years old and not moldy - tile, brick, cement, wood
(not recently refinished) preferred for floors. Older linoleum is okay too.)

No recent use of incense, cigarette smoke, aromatherapy, potpourri, air "fresheners"
(and preferably, no cedar woodwork)

Prefer location in a low density, outlying area to maximize the chance of good outdoor air quality
and environmental safety.

It is best to be located away from:

Other factors which may be important to certain individuals include the
amount of:

Single person dwellings are most sought after, usually in the $500 - 600/month range. Many chemically sensitive persons are on Section 8 housing. Though house sharing is a possibility, it is very difficult to do because of differences in sensitivities.

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for a Healthier Home - A Comprehensive Checklist


For more information about housing for people with MCS, call:

The Healthy Housing Coalition
P.O. Box 1213
Cedar Crest, NM. 87008