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There are public 0.6 API servers running for testing purposes. The aim is for every tool that uses the API to be able to be tested against these servers to make sure that it is still working, or that it is fixed.

The following servers are available (each of them have their own separate database, so you need to sign up for each of them separately):

The servers are updated periodically to the latest code in svn. Their database may be wiped to fix problems.


Reporting Bugs

If you find a problem, with the API code please send a mail to the OpenStreetMap dev mailing list, or file a bug in trac with the milestone of "OSM 0.6". If the bug with with a tool, please go to the appropriate mailing list for that editor, as not all the authors of the editors are on the OpenStreetMap dev mailing list.

Editor/Tool Mailing List Trac Reporting
Potlatch OSM dev OSM trac, assign to the component "Potlatch (Flash Editor)"
Merkaartor Merkaartor OSM trac, assign to the component "Merkaartor"
Osmosis OSM dev OSM trac, assign to the component "Osmosis"

API and website

Typically you'd test the API by testing how the editors / tools work with the API, as detailed below. But you could also take a look at the new displays for changesets on the website, and (in conjunction with editor testing) see if the displays work as expected :


The most commonly used method for editing the osm data.

The following requires testing in all editors

  • Creation of new changesets
  • Saving a new version of an object fails if it has been modified elsewhere prior to upload, but since the last download in that editor. A nice error message should be returned requesting the user to redownload the area.
  • The number of edits in one upload are limited to 50,000 changes as specified in the capabilities api call.
  • <Add items here>


Potlatch is working under API 0.6 but fairly little testing has yet been done.

The following areas require extra testing:

  • Creating of changesets half way through an editing session
  • Undelete ('U')/history ('H') features
  • <Add items here>


The normal josm-latest.jar is now working with API 0.6 with a few preference changes. For easy switching you could make a copy of your preferences file before changing the following:

  • Go to the advanced preferences, and add the property "osm-server.version" with the value "0.6".
  • In connection settings change the server url. For publicly available server please look at the list above.
  • Also change the username and password to appropriate values (and register a user account on your chosen test server)
  • restart JOSM (?)

You require JOSM release 1071 or later, though it is better to use a more recent version of JOSM. JOSM now uses the new diff upload for 0.6 uploads.

The following areas require extra testing:

  • Try weird comment values (missing, >255 chars, weird UTF chars, etc) check error messages are helpful.
  • Check how your changeset looks on the website (user edits display) Check bbox was calculated sensibly.
  • <Add items here>


You can use Merkaartor from svn. Inside the preferences dialog go to the "Data" tab, check the "Use 0.6 API" checkbox and change the server to one of the servers mentioned above. A restart of Merkaartor is required :-(

The following areas require extra testing:

  • <Add items here>

Data Change/Replication Tools

Tools that will modify osm data using the api, or allow the replication of data.


The latest version of Osmosis in svn support API 0.6. This means any version of osmosis from 0.29.3 onwards. It is best to build from the latest source, as the code is getting regular improvements. A pre-compiled nightly build is available at http://www.bretth.com/osmosis/

The version of osmosis used by the test APIs hosted on dev.openstreetmap.org will be available at http://dev.openstreetmap.org/~edgemaster/, and will be updated whenever rebuilt.

Osmosis supports 0.5 and 0.6 at the same time. To invoke 0.6 tasks, append a "-0.6" to the long version of the task name. For example, --read-xml becomes --read-xml-0.6. Short names such as --rx are not supported for 0.6 tasks yet. When the 0.6 production cutover occurs I'll release a new version with 0.6 tasks as the default.

A basic migration task called --migrate is available for converting 0.5 files into 0.6 format. It loses version information but otherwise should work correctly. If using an older planet file it will also lose user information but any relatively recent planet (within the last month) will be fine. An example command line would be osmosis --read-xml-0.5 data05.osm --migrate --write-xml-0.6 data06.osm.

Please test the following items:

  • Importing a 0.6 osm file into a 0.6 database
  • <Add items here>


Does the OSMXAPI support 0.6, and ready to go?

Please test the following:

  • <Add items here>

Bulk Upload Scripts

Are there any bulk upload scripts? Add them as a subheading here.


Bulk_upload.pl uses Geo::OSM_library and allows for bulk uploads through the API.

Data Readers

Tools that only read from the api

Planet Dump Tool


Are the T@H clients able to read from the 0.6 api?


We can track down all the software described on the wiki and label things with {{Not 0.6 compatible}}. The list of things so labelled is at: Category:Things that do not work with 0.6. We need to check if any of these present a serious problem for anyone, and work on updating the code where necessary (See OSM Protocol Version 0.6#Summary of changes required in clients)

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