Well I found the Idea of John Julio's Skate Brand Valo just great and want to start here a similiar projekt!

  1. Make a photo showing you with your SIMpad
  2. Upload it via the special:upload page
  3. Edit this article
  4. make a new subcategory with "===Your Name==="
  5. Tell us about you and how you use the SIMpad


mr nice aka Bernhard Guillon


Hello, my name is Bernhard - I use my SIMpad as a "game device" I like to play old games using scummvm. I also plan to use it at school and university because of its huge accu power. I have a Palm V keyboard on it - maybe I will do a description about that on the Mods section.

BEni alias x29a


Yo, ive been into pda's for a long time, but finally came to SIMpad. The big screen and the variety of possibilities fascinates me as well as the quality and value of the SIMpad.

Im eager to develope a lot of stuff for my SIMpad, just got to find some time first.

Primarily, I use my pad for developing purposes (programming, manuals, etc.) but on the side also for some surfing.

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