Technical reference

SIMpad TechRef.pdf (may not legal I'll write Siemens the rights owner)

Picture shows SIMpad SLC internals

higer resolution



1 Serial Connector

This connector is called Lumberg-connector cause the Lumberg company produces the connector for Siemens. It is the same one as it was used on old Siemens mobile phones like Siemens S25 C35 C45 SL45 MT50 S45. I think the cheapest and easiest way to get a plug is to buy a data cable or a headset for one of those mobiles. But keep in mind to buy one which is fully equipped. The wiring may be different to the SIMpad or contain voltage level switcher so you need to rip the cable off.

Image:Multijack schematic.png



Jack (Datasheet: 8830A01.pdf (May be illegal -I will ask for rights))


Plug (Datasheet: 8835B01.pdf (May be illegal -I will ask for rights))


Simpad PC Head set
Pin Name Function Comment Direction Pin Name Name Function Comment
1GNDsignal ground <-> 5 GND GND
2TDtransmit data±12V-> 2RD
3RDreceive data±12V<- 3TD
4DTRdata terminal ready±12V -> 1,6CD,DSR short to HS
5RTSrequest to send±12V<-8CTS
6CD,DSR(?)data set ready±12V / ActiveSync usually connects when CD gets active<-4DTR
7CTSclear to send±12V->7RTS
8????4 HShead set flagshort to DTR
9MICGmicrophone ground<-> MICG
10MICmicrophone audioupp=1.5V<- MIC
11AUDspeaker audioupp=1.5V-> AUD
12AUDGspeaker ground <-> AUDG

2 USB Client Port

This Port can only be used to connect to the PC and surf or exchange Data. You can't use it to connect Hardware like a Keyboard to it.

3 Graphic Controller MQ200

Datasheet MQ-200.pdf (may not legal I will write MediaQ the rights owner)

4 CPU SA1110

Intel Strongarm GDS1110BC (running at 206MHz). Datasheet SA-1110 Manual.pdf (may not be legal)

5 RAM (Samsung K4S561632A)

See RAM-Flash upgrade for compatible modules. And a 128MB Upgrade.

6 Flash (Intel E28F128 J3A150)

See RAM-Flash upgrade for compatible modules. You can upgrade a CL4 to 32 MB Flash.

7 DECT Modul MD34

This is the pin assignment of the DECT module for the SIMpad device.

The connector is a 20pin FPC connector. It uses 8 GPIO pins, 5V, GND, nReset.

1 GND-Connection between pin 1 and 2Pwr
2 GND-Connection between pin 1 and 2Pwr
3 nnnc--
4 nnnc--
5 DECT_POWER_ONOn / Off (write-only)The module can be switched on/off if the bit in the CS3 latch with the value 0x100 is set/clearIn
6 TXDTransmit DataGPIO 14Out
7 CTSClear To SendGPIO 08In
8 DCDData Carrier DetectGPIO 23In
9 RXDReceive DataGPIO 15In
10 RTSRequest To SendGPIO 09Out
11 DTRData Terminal ReadyGPIO 07Out
12 nnnc--
13 nnnc--
14 RIRing IndicatorGPIO 19In
15 nRESET_OUTRESET_OUT is negativThe DECT module will be reset if the processor gets a reset.Out
16 DSRData Set ReadyGPIO 06In
17 LOCK_IND-CS3 readOut
18 nnnc--
19 +5VPowerConnection between pin 19 and 20Pwr
20 +5VPowerConnection between pin 19 and 20Pwr

nn = not named

nc = not connected

8 MD34 Connector

See DECT Modul MD34

9 UCB1300 Touchscreen-, Sound- and Keyboardcontroller

Datasheet UCB1300 2.pdf (may not legal I will write PHILIPS the rights owner)

10 TDA8007B Smartcardreader Controller

Datasheet TDA8007B 6.pdf (may not legal I will write PHILIPS the rights owner)

11 JTAG Connector


12 Battery Switch

This switch totally cuts off power supply by the batterypack, power by the external supply will still be on. In order to totally reset, you need to take all power sources off!

Test Grid

Shorcut pin one and four on the top left of the grid to be able to use Bost_-_Built-in_Onboard_Self_Test with the Siemens loader.

Would be very cool to find out more of the pins!

MIC2562A PCMCIA Socket Power Controller

Datasheet MIC2562A.pdf (may not legal I will write MICREL the rights owner)

JTAG jumper

Needed to keep power on while SIMpad is open - see JTAG HOWTO for details. It is called J10 there.

Power connector

I need to figure out how power connectors are listed.

Internal microphone connector

This connector is for the internal microphone. The connector is build in every SIMpad model but the microphone is only build in SL4/SLC.

Internal speaker connector

This is the speaker connector.


Toshiba LTM08C343S

Deep inside

Collect information about the internal SIMpad wiring.

To do

  • Make better pictures of Jack und Plug
  • Find more Datasheets
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