Artists' Impressions 4 - 'Island Three' paired cylinders

This page contains a few NASA and Space Studies Institute (see Links) images related to the 'Island Three' paired cylinder design study (see Big Gyros). This was described in O'Neill's book, 'The High Frontier - human colonies in space' (Jonathan Cape - 1977) as a possible design for a later, larger colony. There are some doubts whether all aspects of this design would work (e.g. mirror connections may be very difficult). Each cylinder was to be 20 miles long by 4 miles diameter.

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External view, showing habitats, mirrors and agricultural rings

External view showing several colonies

Monochrome looking into a habitat cylinder through one of the three windows

Internal view, looking into one of the three 'valleys'

Internal view, looking along a cylinder, showing three valleys and three windows - eclipse can be seen in one of the windows

Another internal view, looking along cylinder - mirrors are more obvious in this version


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