A View to a Kill

Publisher: United Artists Running Time: 2 Hours 11 Minutes
Release Date: May 24, 1985 Format: DVD

Roger Moore gets called to action in yet another Bond picture. This time Bond finds himself in Siberia where he recovers a microchip from the corpse of 003. The ensuing chase on skis (accompanied by seemingly out of place Beach Boys music) leads to a helicopter crash and a submarine escape that appears to the naked eye as an iceberg. Cut to a Duran Duran title sequence with silhouettes of Roger Moore shooting with laser guns and women stripped nearly nude. This is definitely a 1980's James Bond.

A View to a Kill is the story of a psychotic businessman who plans on gaining a monopoly in the microchip market by destroying Silicon Valley with an earthquake. Sound far fetched? It is, of course, but that is part of the appeal. They even tried to redo a famous Goldfinger scene where he attempts to extort gangsters for their cooperation. Except instead of paying them, Max Zorin (Christopher Walken) requires a $100 million payment from his investors, as well as future profits from their monopoly.

I have mixed feelings about Christopher Walken's portrayal of Max Zorin, the villain in A View to a Kill. He of course does a great job playing the psychopathic killer that he is in the movie. I wasn't particularly impressed with the lines that they gave him or the scene where he guns down his own workers with a machine gun. He felt like an underused asset appearing in only a few critical scenes. More disappointing are the leading ladies, May Day and Stacy Sutton. At one point in the film Stacy actually gets grabbed by Zorin who is flying by in a blimp.

Speaking of the Zorin blimp, the finale takes place on the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the most unlikely of places to film a climax for an action film. Most of the film takes place in San Francisco (including the stunningly beautiful City Hall) and in France. One of the most memorable parts of the movie occurs early on - May Day's jump from the Eiffel Tower. I was also impressed with the police chase, which had Moore swinging from the top of a firetruck in the streets of San Francisco.

Good ol' Roger gave it his best. At the age of 57, Roger Moore returned as James Bond in his seventh and final Bond movie. As the fourteenth film in the series, A View to a Kill marked the end to an era. It was also the final film in which Lois Maxwell played as Miss Moneypenny. Whether you can get past the absurdity of the storyline, you can't really deny that it has stunning stunt work and lots of action. It's an entertaining movie that could have been better.

Final: 7.5
Written by Kyle Review Guide

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