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The Nation|Traffic and Transport

Salik creates new bottlenecks in city

Motorists living or working on Al Wasl Road and the Al Safa area expressed despair at the growing traffic jams at the First Interchange (Defence Roundabout) after the new toll gate at Al Safa Salik went operational on September 9.

Dubai taxis to be exempt from paying Salik road toll

It's great news - every fils counts, residents say

Alternative routes feel the pressure of new toll system

The Nation
A guide to how the new 'Salik' Dubai road toll system operates
The Nation
'Refund money we paid for Salik toll' when violators are not fined

The Nation|Traffic and Transport

Calls to improve alternative transport

The Salik toll system should not have been introduced until construction on alternative roads was complete, experts say.

GN TV|Videos

New Salik gates cause traffic misery

Morning commuters were stuck in gridlock on the first day of the new Salik gates.

The Nation|General

Scarce Salik tags leave drivers bitter

Motorists, especially those coming to Dubai from other emirates, are finding it difficult to get the Salik tags needed to pass through toll gates on Shaikh Zayed Road and Al Garhoud Bridge.

Dubai toll road

Second phase of Salik starts

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Drive to spread awareness about toll system
A new era in traffic management
RTA claims success with Salik gates
Toll ceiling set at Dh24 a day
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Salik gets its own website with integrated services
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Give 'correct information while buying Salik'
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Exemption for special needs persons
Toll system to raise Dh600m
Toll to hit Sharjah residents hard
Trilingual Salik call centre launched
Taking a toll on Dubai drivers
Salik comes into effect
Outlets report brisk sale of Salik tags
Salik users offered range of services
Motorists fume over RTA decision on fines
Fines of only registered Salik users to be waived
'Refund money we paid for Salik toll' when violators are not fined
First Salik violator spotted
Easy drive for some residents
Salik's see-saw effect
New Salik gates 'will reduce traffic'
Option to top-up Salik cards through banks on offer soon
Taking a bigger toll on drivers
Traffic at a standstill as new Salik gates come into effect
Second phase of Salik takes its toll
Taxi drivers evade toll gates
Dubai taxis to be exempt from paying Salik road toll
It's great news - every fils counts, residents say
Salik system is clear success, says official
Salik offences now in pictures online
Authority dispels fears of clogged Dubai roads
Drivers on Al Maktoum Bridge will go toll-free every night
Hotel managers to count the cost of Salik
Restaurants to absorb delivery charges
Road authority installs toll road exit signs
Alternative routes feel the pressure of new toll system
Road toll system 'will clog traffic'
Pre-paid stickers to go on sale from May
Toll gate violators to get grace period
How the Dubai toll works

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