U.S. Senate

Bachmann forum draws cheers, jeers

Rep. Michele Bachmann

The U.S. representative and her fellow presenter were critical of cap-and-trade energy savings strategy.

DAY 154

Al Franken leads by 312 votes

  Coleman Franken
Votes awarded by recount trial judges 111 198
Current vote count 1,212,317 1,212,629
Key dates of recount - Graphic: Recount timeline
Nov. 5: Initial vote count +477
Nov. 19: At start of the hand recount +215
Dec. 5: After the hand recount +192
Dec. 19: After Canvassing Board review of challenged ballots +251
Dec. 30: After board review of withdrawn challenges +49
Jan. 5: After board review of rejected absentee ballots +225

More race results:

GOP, DFL add dueling websites to the recount rhetoric

At news conferences, the leaders of the two state parties urged the rival candidate to do the right thing -- although their interpretations of what is "right" differed.

Klobuchar seeks adoption policy change

Klobuchar in Vietnam

The Minnesota Democrat has asked Vietnam's prime minister to reopen its policy on international adoptions.

Alaska House wants feds to apologize to Stevens

Alaska lawmakers want the U.S. government to apologize to former Sen. Ted Stevens, whose corruption conviction was dismissed this week by a federal judge.

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Watch out, deer (or maybe not)

Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s office today announced that the seventh annual Minnesota Governor’s Deer Hunting Opener will be held near Thief River Falls on Nov. 6 and 7. According to a news release from his office, Pawlenty had this to say about the opener: “The opening of deer hunting season is a special time, and I look [...]

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