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Our Favorite
Home School Book Lists

Discover The Joy Of Reading

home school book lists, corduroy reading<img src=

Over the years, we have made a number of home school book lists. The children really do love to read. Reading takes them to far away places, all from the comfort of the living room.

It is so neat to hear them talk with each other about a favorite part or person in a book they've read. Take time to read to your children, and you will be able to join in the conversation!

You will find many of our favorite books for homeschooling below. Each of the children had fun working on a page for the website. (Some are still working on their lists...perfecting...it will be worth the wait!) In the meantime, enjoy what's here. Come back often to see what we've added!

Better yet, share your favorite home school books!.

The home is still the greatest educational foundation.

Parents who make reading attractive using good literature contribute immeasurably to their child's development.

Elementary Book Lists

by Annette

home school book lists, toddler reading book<img src=

Annette chose to write the elementary home school book lists. Even though she put this page together as a teen, she could easily remember all the fun books she had read as a kid.

I will admit that most of these books can be enjoyed at any age.

Laura did, and she was just a toddler!

Better yet, read them
to your toddler!

High School List

by Laura

<img src=

Here is a list of high school books that will prepare you for college. Laura can attest to that!

Great Book List

by Emily

Emily and guitar<img src=

Emily's favorites aren't all considered "classics", but they are definitely worth the time you will spend reading them.

Her list consists of books that either changed her life or her view of the things.

If you're looking for deep thought-provoking literature, you will want to check out Emily's list.

Classic Book List

by Everyone!

home school book lists, reading at kitchen counter<img src=

Emily, Garrett, and Annette listening to a book on tape.

This got them well on their way to reading the classics. We made a list for you here.

Nancy Drew Books

by Laura's boyfriend, Josh

home school book lists

Josh truly enjoyed reading Nancy Drew books. Discover why!

Star Wars Book List

by Garrett

home school book lists, read in bed asleep<img src=


Yes, Garrett and Annette would read until their eyelids got heavy!

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