Bungie Weekly Update: 04/10/09

Mythic in Marketplace, not one, but two Q&A's, and a deeper dive into some community content.

Humpday Challenge: Joystiq

The Road to Recon leads to a Humpday Challenge.

Broken In - Michael Wu

Michael Wu talks about "getting people together" and "fixing stuff" to "create fantastic worlds and gaming experiences."

Mythic Map Pack Roundup

Everything you and your mom need to know about the Mythic Map Pack.

Mythic Map Pack Available Now!

The Bungie Blog News RSS read now!

Halo 3 Mythbusters: Episode 10 - 35 minutes ago

What's a Kill Ball?

2501 - Episode 39 - 18 hours ago

A successful intrusion.

Playing Grifball in the Sky - 23 hours ago

It's a bird. It's a plane!

Aesthetic Artist Interviews, Week One - 24 hours ago

"Point and Shoot" gets a new home and gets reloaded.

Halo 3: ODSC Trailer - 27 hours ago

Halo Kitty.

Road Trip Montage - 27 hours ago

The wheels on the 'Hog go round and round.

Forecast the Series: Easter Time! - 27 hours ago

What Holiday is what?

Reclaimer 175 - Scratching the Surface - 27 hours ago

Tip of the Iceberg.

2501 - 38 'Suspicions' - 2 days ago

"Time to make like a tree..."

Mythic Rube Goldberg - 2 days ago

Don't forget to dot your "i."

Haloramics HD II - 2 days ago

More High Definition Halo 3 Panos.

The Guitar Tutorials - 'Grifball FTW' - 2 days ago

Play Grifball this weekend - on your Xbox and your guitar!

Grifball Double EXP weekend live! - 2 days ago

See if you can figure out what's different this time!

Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack Review - 2 days ago

Better late than never.


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This position is focused on supporting the animation team who are using motion capture to create game content and prototypes. This person shall be intimately knowledgeable about our mo-cap pipeline and processes and must be able to educate and train production animators in best practices, while actively assisting the art team throughout production.

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