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For anyone who is interested in SynthEdit, NOVAkILL have made these resources available to download. There are prefabs that form the basis of many elements in our killer synths as well as the SynthEdit files for some of our instruments. The zip archives for the instruments also contain the appropriate skin resources. Most of these projects use 3rd party modules which you will need to download from their creator's websites.
You are free to use these files in any way you like with one exception - NONE OF THE RESOURCES HERE MAY BE USED IN ANY COMMERCIAL PRODUCT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. i.e. Anything you produce that includes any of our work can only be made available for FREE.


o PREFABS -To see how to use these, download one of our instrument files

Attach this prefab to each Modulation Source [Envelope, LFO, etc]

Tempo-Sync LFO
Period from 1/16th note to 16 bars with 7 shapes incl Sample/Hold

Rhythmic Gate
16-step Gate, attach "Pulse Out" [BPM2 module] to "Clock" to sync to tempo

o SynthEdit Files [.se1]

Complex synth with many features - previously unreleased!
[uses CK Unison]

Reasonably straightforward Phase Distortion synth
[uses CK Unison]

V/A style synth
[uses CK Unison as well as 3rd party oscillator and filter]

Effect project with exclusive light coloured skin
[no 3rd party modules]



Prefabs -
extract to the "Prefabs" folder in your SynthEdit folder.
Projects - Extract the .se1 file to your projects folder, extract the skin elements to SynthEdit's "Skins" folder [a new folder for the skin will be created automatically].