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Flash Gordon Commercial Art
by Al Williamson

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ne of the best artists to draw Flash Gordon after Alex Raymond left the strip was Al Williamson. In addition to assisting Dan Barry during his tenure on the Flash Gordon comic strip, Al Williamson is best known for his work on the Flash Gordon comic books. This page presents some exquisite examples of Al Williamson's commercial artwork featuring Flash Gordon.

The first three images are advertisements drawn by Williamson for the Union Carbide Corporation. Williamson has taken situations and characters from the classic Alex Raymond years on the Flash Gordon strip, and has Dr. Zarkov providing devices made from Union Carbide products to help Flash and his friends extricate themselves from some hazardous situations. These commercial pieces are extremely rare, and were apparently distributed within the Union Carbide company and to advertising agencies.

The final image is of a record jacket drawn by Al Williamson for MGM.

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