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> Force Data Migration off the Primary Data Partition

One of the big changes made in Power Pack 1 is how data is migrated between the drives. Unfortunately, a lot of us have been using Windows Home Server since it was release, and because of that, our primary data drive (the "D:\" drive) is full or almost there. And we need a way to clear it. However, there isn't an easy way to do this. In fact, there is no built-in way to force migration off the D:\ drive.

Well, Guilherme Jardim from the forums has found a way that will in fact do this for you. It's a script, and it takes the brute force method of forcing the migrator to start working, but it absolutely works.

What you will need

What to Do

Once you've remoted into you server, you will need to open up Notepad and copy the following text to a file called "migrate.cmd"

@echo off
if not exist d:\fake md d:\fake
fsutil file createnew d:\fake\fake%random%.txt 5368709120
echo "Program is running. Return in few hours to see the progress made."
echo "Ctrl-C to end the script."
ping localhost -n 30 > nul
GOTO loop

This script will create a directory on the D:\ drive and create a blank 5GB file every 30 seconds. This will fill up the drive, and cause the migrator to start moving data off the Primary Data drive and onto the other data drives. Let this run for a few hours or longer and stop the script. Make sure you delete the files in or just the entire "D:\fake" directory.


You should have a nice empty D:\ drive this way and it should stay this way till you fill all your other drives!


This information was originally written by Guilherme Jardim and the page written by Drashna for the We Got Served Wiki.

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