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Living Colour

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Black-funk-metal pioneers return in righteous form when black-rock warriors living Colour broke up in 1995, they left the high promise of their apocalyptic funk in the hands of crying clowns, white metalheads endlessly rapping about their own agony. Guitarist Vernon Reid, drummer Will Calhoun, bassist Doug Wimbish and singer Corey Glover now return to shame the whiners with righteous choler and elevated invention: the kamikaze rush and raw-sugar chorus of "A ? of When"; Reid's wah-wah teardrops amid the brute-reggae devastation in "Nightmare City"; the electrodread of "In Your Name," a howling-techno prayer against White House imperialism, here and abroad. There was always a great paisley-soul band kicking inside all the noise - it's here, loud and clean, in the ballad "Flying." And Living Colour cover AC/DC's "Back in Black" with grand funk: boom- ing comic relief seared with no-nonsense mission.

(RS 935, November 13, 2003)

(Posted: Oct 22, 2003)


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