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Syd loves music so much, she carried a radio around on her bike when she was a kid.... probably an early sign about her future. She's a Memphis native, and attended the U of M. Her first concert was at age 10 and unfortunately, it wasn't Led Zeppelin or KISS. That's ok, there have been over 100 since then with many more to come. She loves shopping, watching LOST, 24, Desparate Housewives, Family Guy, American Dad, CSI and the occasional football game, and doing anything outdoors. 

Some of her favorite bands include The White Stripes, Blind Melon, Incubus, AC/DC, Alice In Chains, Van Halen, The Strokes, TOOL, Ozzy, Audioslave, Regina Spektor, Puddle of Mudd, Wolfmother, and the 2 mentioned above. She's been at 93X for 10 years, and in the midday slot for 8. You can hear Sydney weekdays from 10 til 3 and don't miss the Last Letter game at lunch.
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Beck is a native of Olive Branch and graduated from highschool in 2001. She, like most people, didn’t know what she wanted to do after high school, so she decided to take some courses in radio broadcasting...she hasn't shut up since! She bounced around a few stations, and in the summer of ’05, Beck became “the other chick” on 93X, eventually landing behind the board at night...with her beloved drinkers and stoners to keep her company. Her love of Locals Only and her tendency to rock out on 9 Songs That Don’t Suck, made people start to pay attention. Now she’s holding strong on weeknights from 7-midnight. She likes Jack Daniels, Newcastle, live music, and local bars.  Find a combination of any of those and you’ll probably find her!
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So the big boss told me I had to put a bio together for our website, "or else…!” I do what I am told…so…
I was born on February 20, 1967 in the Grays Harbor Community Hospital in Aberdeen, Washington. I began developing an interest in music early in my life.  According to my Aunt Mari, I was singing from the time I was two. I would sing Beatles songs like Hey Jude. I had a lot of charisma from a very young age…wait a minute…oops…that’s Kurt Cobain's from Nirvana’s bio…Let's just agree that I am not one of those sit on my ass JOQS, ignoring your requests. I am on my feet with my cans on, the disco ball on, and 93X blaring. Plus...two Cokes and a Rolling Stone magazine…That simple. Overnights and weekends are like having a Half Pipe in my backyard once again.
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