25 of the biggest disappointments in the history of games.
By GameSpy Staff | September 15 - 20, 2003

Overrated, adj: Overestimated the merits of; rated too highly

Sometimes a game gets a little ahead of itself. All of a sudden, what you've got in the box in no way lives up to the reputation that preceded it. It happens all the time: a title will coast to the market on a wave of hype, getting glory far beyond what was earned. As gamers, we'll stare limply at our monitors or TV screens and ask ourselves: "Everyone was excited about this!?" That's an overrated game!

Over the next several days GameSpy is taking a tour through the 25 most overrated games of all time. It's not a pretty list. It's a tale of tragedy where hype gets out of hand, or good licenses and great ideas fail to live up to expectations. Disagree with some of our choices? Hit the Forums!

Hype Machine: In the immortal words of Public Enemy's Chuck D, "Don't believe the hype!" The games in this category were talked up for years, only to let us down in the end.

Done Better Before: Exactly how many futuristic first-person shooters need to be made? Games to earn this stamp are rehashes of ideas that have been done better before...

Total Letdown: These are our favorites! Ever been to a store, bought the latest "hot" game only to find out that you've wasted all your hard-earned cash? Yep, that's a letdown alright.

Overpraised: Critics try to be objective, but sometimes high-profile games are lavished with undeserved praise. Yep, a few of GameSpy's own blunders are listed here as well.

We don't expect everyone will agree with our choices, but hey, we're gonna call 'em like we see 'em. Dive into the wonderfully disturbing world of "GameSpy's 25 Overrated Games Of All Time," including commentary from our editors, starting right here. Here's a list of what we unveiled so far: Tell us what you think the Most Overrated Games Of All Time are in our forums!

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