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Case study


National association needed a boost in event participation and funds raised.


Redesign event into a fun, family affair. Publicize using light-hearted graphics and themes. Get free media exposure.


A 75% increase in participation and 100% increase in funds raised, exceeding everyone's expectations.

The Turk Group

Attract more clients and better clients!

Do you have a marketing problem that you don't quite know how to solve?

  • You're not sure how well your marketing dollars and efforts are working
  • Your brand doesn't accurately reflect what you do
  • Price is too important in getting or keeping business
  • You have lots of leads but you're not converting them to sales
  • You need to power up your marketing for business growth and profitability

If so, you're not alone. For many business owners, marketing is one of the biggest challenges they face.

The Turk Group can help you get more clients and better clients. We're the leading Southern California marketing consulting firm that helps service-based businesses grow and prosper.

Our programs and services are designed to help you:

  • Focus on your most lucrative clients, strategies and actions
  • Increase your marketing effectiveness
  • Reduce your cost per sale
  • Boost your fees and your margins

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Food for Thought

Business has only two functions: marketing and innovation.

--Peter Drucker

updated November 5, 2008

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