Arch Related Projects

There are a few Arch-based projects or communities that have sprung up over the years. Here's a list of the ones we know about.

ArchPPC Arch packages optimized for PPC
Arch Mirrorcheck ArchLinux mirrorcheck and status report
Arch-i18n Arch Translations project
ArchSheriff A script to match NetBSD vulnerability database against Arch Linux packages
Archlinux Gallery Unofficial image gallery for Arch Linux screenshots. wallpapers, and graphics
Yaourt Pacman wrapper and AUR scraper
Xyne's Archlinux Stuff Xyne maintains a whole collection of community projects including the popular powerpill and cronwhip packages.
larch Live CD/DVD/USB construction kit for Arch Linux
hwd Arch Linux Hardware Detection
Arch Gaming Repository Repository for Arch Linux Gaming packages
KDEmod Modular and tweaked KDE Packageset optimized for Arch Linux
Maryan Linux An Arch-based Enlightenment 17 live CD
Arch Projects List of git repositories for official Arch Projects

If you have an Arch related project you would like linked, please open a Bug Ticket with the category "web site", and a relevant description.
Also please let us know if you think any of the projects above is defunct so we can keep it new and exciting.

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