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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Barack Obama opens White House to his new boy toy, actor Kal Penn. Penn, paid for the right to become Barack Obama's new Boy Toy in the White House along side current toy Reggie Love, with enormous campaign contributions that to this date some question the legality of.

Kal Penn, born Kalpen Suresh Modi in New Jersey, is a bi-sexual actor and film producer best known for his Cheech and Chong style comedies highlighting marijuana enters the Obama administration with the official title of Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison, yet it is believed that Penn, a young good looking bi-sexual man will fill an unofficial position as Presidential Boy Toy to America's first Homosexual President Barack Obama.

Obama has been limited to the services of Reggie Love and Nick Colvin since having his last lover, Donald Young murdered to protect his run for President after I notified the Obama Campaign in 2007 that I would go public if Obama did not publicly admit to his 1999 use and sale of cocaine. After my January 2008 YouTube video disclosing Barack Obama's enjoyment of sexual relations with other men, Obama and his handlers have tried to portray him as a devoted husband and father, both of which are nothing more than a manufactured image by David Axelrod, Sr. White House Adviser and Obama Campaign media manager. The truth is Michelle Obama knows and has known for years of Barack Obama's homosexual relationships and has played the loving wife role for the public to ensure she obtains what she wanted, which was the White House and the power. Michelle Obama is as big a liar and fraud as her husband who enjoys riding other men's poles.

I will say that with Barack Obama's choice of Kal Penn as his new Boy Toy he is at least turning to a more attractive choice in men as opposed to Reggie Love or even Michelle Obama.

Kal Penn has gone from actor/producer to Presidential Whore who is being paid by the American Tax payer to inject Barack Obama with a little Indian spice.

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Anonymous said...

Whata fella! An Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison? What the hell is that? Never heard of the dude.
What are his credentials?
Must be nice for the "President" to be so ultra confident that he now makes it a habit to "In your face" with everything he does.

Anonymous said...

Poppa Bush was gay, had gay prostitutes caught in the White House.

Anonymous said...

And you know all this to be fact because.....? Whatever. It's comical how all you Obama haters are grasping at straws to condemn the man... We just had 8 years of Bush. This guy shows up for work, is smart, worldly, athletic and witty among many other admirable qualities. I'll give him a chance before I jump on the judgement train express.

AllergicToBarryO said...

Ah, thanks Larry. I knew there had to be a 'back door' story behind this Kal Penn-public liaison nonsense.

I feel so proud to be an investor in my president's sexual well being. NOT.

Anonymous said...

Ah, thanks Larry. I knew there had to be a 'back door' story behind this Kal Penn-Public Liaison nonsense.

I feel so proud to be funding my president's sexual well being. NOT.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 1:10.You are such an asshole.Make shit up about Bush to cover for Obama.Obama is the biggest political joke of all time.To get to Obama all they have to do is check out this new guy.I am sure the Globe is on this already.

Anonymous said...

GWB had Jeff Gannon. Obama is not the first, by any means, they are all gay, including Hillary.
Some of them are pedofiles, as well, witness "Franklin Scandal".
It is easier to blackmail them, if they are deviant. Even Monica was a setup.
But, how do you know this guy is bisexual? Plus, how do you know that he is interested in Obama?
You don't. You are guessing.
GWB and Jeff Gannon is provable, bc of the entry log at the WH, and JG signing in, but not signing out, at least six times.
But, this one is much quieter, even than Hillary and her PR lover woman person....

Anonymous said...

I love the subtle slam on Michelle at the end!

Anonymous said...

This is the Roman Empire Redux, with Caesar's arrogrance, decadence, corruption and overt contempt for the populace.

The Whitewash House, over decades, has proven to be a den of iniquity and this Empire, like the old, will collapse. And that day can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Springsteen involved in adultery AGAIN!!!! Birds of a feather!! Hmmm??

frosteetoes said...

He was in 'Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.' And Larry, I don't think he's at all handsome or cute. He looks like a cross between a frog and a duck.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Obama is the second homosexual president. Don't forget Georgie and Jeff Gannon.

tom said...

What a lot of people don’t know is that Kal Penn also played the role of a terrorist in season 6 of “24″. (

That might be what appealed to O’bowmah for accepting him in his bedroom… I mean his office.

Self-Disenfranchised said...

Mr. Sinclair,

You have the obots in a tizzy with this one.

I actually thought it was an overreach until I read all these comments by Obots swarming here to spin and deflect. You can tell when an allegation about Oba-mao is true because the paid blogger spin machine ratchets up exponentially.

Thanks for making me aware of this further perversion by the scumbag, filthy Oba-mao.

I am so g.d. upset I voted for him, if only I would have seen how these paid bloggers operate prior to voting.

Your Mom said...

There are many people who work in and around the President that know the real story. Obama is Gay, George was gay and of course everyone knows Billary is gay but has a set of balls that would make Rambo blush. Kal Penn is a known homesexual and the tactic is simple. Dont look like your hiding something, just hide it in plain sight. You have to ask yourself what would a so/so hollywood actor know about Politics? And with everything so screwed up can we not hire the best people for the highest positions? So look slike the Anti-Christ likes his toast buttered on both sides and burned slightly. Big deal. With almost 50% of both parties having had individuals busted for being sexual deviants this is no surprise.

Anonymous said...

Ah, so that's why his character died on "House"!

Anonymous said...

Kal Penn Obama's new doll is the reason Kal Penn's character was killed off of House, MD. Good riddance!!

LYB said...

Now I know why Dr. Kutner aka Kal Penn committed suicide on the last episode of House. BO now has a choice of size and color.

Anonymous said...


(a lot of the other mason presidents were gay too) (and yes both bushes)

(doesnt make this any less revolting)

yourworstnightmare said...

wow, I find the constant references to Bush being gay rather interesting when the last I checked he was married to a beautiful school teacher who has that naughty librarian thing going on.

Obama is a creep and he's getting creepier and creepier and this article is great, Larry - it shows exactly how creepy the guy is.

And that is far beyond that of either of the Bush guys....crack cocaine, marijuana on the campaign trail...there are some pictures of him out there where you have to wonder if he just set down his bong.

And that freaky townhall was really weird - when the legalize marijuana people had tilted the scale to make all the questions about that. Shows how much time dope smokers spend on line...

Which brings me back to the Obamunists filling your comments section on this article...LOL