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Survival of the Fittest
When Adrian Toomes is fired from Oscorp, the aged scientist exacts his revenge, accusing Norman Osborn of stealing his flying technology. Now it's up to Spider-Man to stop the winged madman. On top of it all, Peter is hard-pressed to make enough money to support both Aunt May and himself. A photo gig at the Bugle and a deal with J. Jonah Jameson might be the only way to stay afloat.
Episode Number: S1E01
Originally Aired: Mar 8, 2008
Director: Victor Cook
  • Lacey Chabert (Gwen Stacy),
  • Josh Keaton (Peter Parker/Spider-Man),
  • Peter MacNicol (Dr. Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus),
  • Vanessa Marshall (Mary Jane Watson),
  • Ben Diskin (Eddie Brock/Venom),
  • Deborah Strang (Aunt May Parker),
  • James Arnold Taylor (Harry Osborn),

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Nature vs. Nurture
(Episode number: S1E13)
Airdate: Jun 14, 2008
On Thanksgiving, Aunt May Parker is released from the hospital, but Venom has no intention of letting May and Peter Parker enjoy a family celebration. Knowing all Spider-Man�s secrets�even some Pete isn�t consciously aware of�Venom threatens to destroy Pete and everyone he loves most. Will Pete embrace his destiny in time to defeat this new arch-nemesis?

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Lacey Chabert
» Gwen Stacy
Josh Keaton
» Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Peter MacNicol
» Dr. Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus
Vanessa Marshall
» Mary Jane Watson
Ben Diskin
» Eddie Brock/Venom
Deborah Strang
» Aunt May Parker
James Arnold Taylor
» Harry Osborn

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