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Our group is opposed to an expressway down the middle of Red Hill Valley. Over 90% of the proposed 7.5 kilometre road would be INSIDE our park (designated an Environmentally Significant Area). Over 40,000 trees would be cut down, and the six interchanges would carve the valley into at least 30 separate pieces. Plans include re-locating and re-constructing seven kilometres of Red Hill Creek (to reduce the number of expressway crossings to eight).

East Hamilton's air quality would be further degraded along with people's health. The road planners have already warned that the elderly and the young "should be encouraged to limit their exposures, and not frequent the Red Hill Valley once the expressway has been completed."

The $220 million construction cost will drive up the already high property taxes and accelerate urban sprawl. It will also force increased borrowing at a time when essential maintenance of water and sewer pipes is being shortchanged by $55 million a year in Hamilton.

The loss of parkland and the environmental destruction caused by the expressway will worsen Hamilton's polluted reputation and send new good-paying high-tech and information age jobs to other communities which take better care of their quality of life.

(For recent information on the expressway, please also refer to the "Updates" section and the latest "Newsletter" pages on this site)

Basic Facts about Red Hill Valley and the proposed Red Hill Creek Expressway

The Red Hill Valley

  • is 700 hectares (1600 acres) of mostly forested natural area and parkland
  • has over 600 plant species representing 22% of the native flora of Ontario
  • has over 25 mammal species including fox, coyote, deer, mink and southern flying squirrel
  • provides a migration corridor for at least 177 species of birds
  • provides breeding habitat for over 75 bird species
  • has at least 24 species of fish in the creek
  • is home to over 45 species of butterflies
  • is designated by the City as an Environmentally Significant Area
  • over half the valley is part of the Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere Reserve

The proposed Red Hill Creek Expressway

  • is 7.5 kilometres long, and has six interchanges
  • is over 90% within natural areas of the valley
  • will impact 22 known archaeological sites
  • includes blasting a hole in the face of the Niagara Escarpment 80 metres wide and 12 metres deep
  • includes re-locating the creek and building 7.6 kilometres of new creek
  • will cross the existing creek at least 14 times, and will cross the re-located creek 8 times
  • will clear at least 25% of the valley
  • will remove over 44,000 trees (latest estimate by the City)
  • will double the number of bad air days in east Hamilton
  • requires opening up the toxic Rennie dump and excavating 70,000 tonnes
  • will cost $197 million to complete contruction
  • $75 million will be borrowed by the City, the province will pay $122 million

The Greenhill interchange work by Dufferin Construction

  • will cost $3.4 million
  • will clear half a hectare of King's Forest Park
  • will extend Greenhill Avenue into the valley and build a bridge for the interchange
  • will put up noise walls and/or berms

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