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「喰霊-零-」超自然災害ラジオ対策室 - Ga-Rei Zero Cho-shizen Saigai Radio Taisakushitsu (what a mouthful) has already started its broadcast on Lantis-net (link). Anime watchers will want to hear the segment towards the end of episode one where the three seiyuu talk to producer Ito Atsushi, who outlines the plans for the Ga-Rei anime in more detail.

some of the information:
- the rest of Ga-Rei Zero will focus on Yomi and Kagura’s backstory
-Ga-Rei anime has been in planning for close to 2 years
-the original plan by the producers was to tell Yomi’s backstory, about how she became an evil spirit etc so consider the anime a prequel of sorts
-they have the blessing of the mangaka Segawa Hajime to tell their own story, and there is no planned overlap of plot between manga and anime
-Shiraishi Minoru, Mizuhara Kaoru & Chihara Minori knew from ages ago that they were going to host the radio show
-they also knew that the first episode would be setting up viewers for a surprise and wondered what the general reaction would be
-unusually, the music for the anime was only composed (by Agematsu Noriyasu) after the episodes had been animated and the voice acting lines recorded - the same technique was also used in Lucky Star. This means Agematsu has to be present at every episode’s recording session

edit - Copy paste from my post on animesuki:

Since my post got linked here I’ll try to make it clearer. Producer Ito Atsushi said that in the planning stages, the discussion with director Aoki Ei was that the Ga-Rei anime would only be made if it were to talk about Yomi and Kagura’s backstory rather than directly drawing from the manga material. After consulting with the mangaka Segawa Hajime they went ahead with their original plan. And that is still the current plan, unless the makers decide to spring any more surprises on the viewers.

I would like to point out that Ito mentions little of the manga beyond the fact that Yomi’s arc has already ended, and that the staff couldn’t save storyboard/animation time by tracing scenes from the manga as most anime usually do because the anime was ‘mostly original story’.

Ito does not explicitly say that no material from the manga will feature at any point in the future, but he did stress a few times that the anime is supposed to tell Yomi’s backstory on how she became an evil spirit. Apparently they spent something like 6 months just brainstorming the concept behind the anime, so I’d like to think they’ve already got the whole story planned out well in advance.

Also I am not a manga reader at all, and the info I posted here is based on my interpretation of what was said on the radio show.

non-anime related
-staff/cast is full of weirdos interesting characters
-the three seiyuu are all in awe of Wakamoto Norio
-director Aoki Ei looks like a trendy schoolteacher (he’s 35 years old)
-sound director Takayama Katsuhiko has long hair down to his waist. One day he forgot to tie it up when going to the studio and Minorin called it sexy
-Minorin related that she was practising her lines at home and since Kagura’s part involved quite a bit of shouting it got a bit noisy. Apparently her flat’s walls are quite thin but she thought it would be ok since her neighbour didn’t make any complaints… only to discover the next day that said neighbour was moving out.
Minorin: Was it my fault?
Kaoru: (Did you) shout out 悪霊よ (akuryo yo! - there’s an evil spirit!) or something (to scare them away).
Minoru: Or 魍魎! (moryo! - goblins/spirits!) It would be OK if you had just said stuff like Ah! or Ta! but if you said something like どうして殺したの?(Why did you kill [it]?) then… well, I hope Mr. Neighbour found a nice room to move into!

I thought it was a pretty interesting radio show, the chemistry between the three seiyuu was easy to hear. Definitely worth listening to if like me, you are watching Ga-Rei Zero. Mizuhara Kaoru has such a sexy onee-san voice <3<3

6 comments to Ga-Rei Radio: Misc Anime Information

  1. houkoholic
    October 19th, 2008 at 6:30 pm

    >only to discover the next day that said neighbour was moving out.

    I’m so moving in next door to Minorin if I can!

  2. Natsuki_Fan
    October 19th, 2008 at 8:25 pm

    -Ga-Rei anime has been in planning for close to 2 years

    Are they talking about this -zero- anime, or a GA-REI manga adaptaion anime is in the works?

  3. j1m0ne
    October 19th, 2008 at 8:41 pm

    Lol. I’m sure a few thousand other Minorin fans will be scrambling for that flat!

    They’re talking about this -zero- anime.

  4. Kurogane’s Anime Blog » Ga-Rei Zero 03
    October 20th, 2008 at 10:01 am

    [...] of friendliness. It’s almost hard to believe that this is her first major role. I agree with j1mone as well that Kaori Mizuhara has a nice onee-san voice, but I wouldn’t put it fully in the [...]

  5. Kurogane
    October 20th, 2008 at 10:07 am

    Frankly speaking, the manga was pretty much average shounen fare, to which I can’t shake off the feeling the author did it to capitalize on the popularity of supernatural shounen manga, even if it was a really entertaining ride.

    Yomi was probably the most awesome thing of the series, even if she only lasted the first three volumes, so I’m glad they decided to focus on the Kagura-Yomi backstory and dynamic rather than to adapt the show wholesale. They’ve definitely done a pretty god damned good job of the story, as of Episode 3.

    As for Shiraishi Minoru, glad to see he finally gets a real role to play.

    Norio Wakamoto is a bloody riot.

  6. townberry
    October 21st, 2008 at 1:04 am

    Minorin neighbour moved out?!
    Where do I leave my rent deposit…how much and what bank? Details NOW!
    *me packs bag to japan*

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