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MRL MC     -  I've just been told that Steve Marker and Duke Erikson are 
              here as well!


GARBAGEmrl -  Butch-  Steve and Duke & I came up with some ideas a few 
              years ago, we've worked together in the studi for about 10 
              years.  Garbage started a year ago.  We saw Shirley on MTV 
              120 minutes and loved her and invited her to come on board.
              DUKE-  WE weren't really a band until we met Shirley and  
              she joined us.

Question   -  Is there a show on tv you can be seen on soon?

GARBAGEmrl -  Duke-  We are not doing any performance things on TV, but 
              we have a video that is on MTV occasionally.  We've been 
              120 minutes about three or four times and Alternative 
              Nations.  BUTCH-  We just shot a new video for QUEER and we 
              hope that MTV will be playing it in a couple of weeks.

Question   -  what style are you?

GARBAGEmrl -  We tend to combine an awful lot of things, and I guess we  
              consider ourselves a pop band in the end, bu but there is 
              rock, and punk and techno and all sorts of stuff in there 

Question   -  what do you consider your older influences?

MRL MC     -  Hey everybody, Shirley Manson is with us as well!

GARBAGEmrl -  SHIRLEY-  David Bowie, Sttoges, Patty Smith  DUKE-  Frank 
              Sinatra  BUTCH-  Johnny Cashie, Capt. Beefheart  Steve-  

Question   -  coming to az soon

GARBAGEmrl -  Possibly, we are starting a tour in late OCt.  We probably 
              won't go on a full tour until late fall.  Maybe on vacation 

Question   -  hi i love your band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  just wondering 
              how ya'all feel about this "alternative" stuff

GARBAGEmrl -  DUKE-  Thank you for loving the band.  There is a lot of 
              exciting and great music came out of the alternative scene 
              and still does, but I don't consider ourselves an 
              alternative band.  Maybe - maybe not.

Question   -  How does producing your own work feel compared to working 
              with other artists?

GARBAGEmrl -  BUTCH-  In some ways, it is more satisfying being in a band 
              because you are working on your own music and 
              collaborating.  I like the chemistry of working in a band 
              and I also like that I don't have to make all the decisions 
              and that I can sit in the back of the room and drink beer  
              and read the newspaper.

Question   -  how did you get signed?

GARBAGEmrl -  We actually sent out demo tapes like everyone and the first 
              batch we sent out didn't have anyone in 'the band's name on 
              it - just the name of the band and the songs and a people got 
              back to us commenting on how much they liked the songs and we 
              knew that these were the people we wanted to work with. 

Question   -  do you ever help out unsigned bands?

GARBAGEmrl -  Yes - we pass along tapes to club owners and mgrs and 
              occasionally labels.  There are people that work in our 
              studio who we love and we will try to help them by sending 
              them to labels and managers.


GARBAGEmrl -  I think it is really too bad.  Especially to go the way he 
              did.  There are a lot of people who consider it a great 
              loss.  None of us are really deadheads.  SHIRLEY- I never 
              heard a Dead song in my life.  BUTHC-  I think that the 
              Dead are really Alternative band because they did what they 
              wanted to do and continued to tour and not pay attention to 
              releaseing pop singles and I think that it is incredibly 
              cool that they have been able to do taht.  Jerry was such a 
              huge part of the band and I don't know what they are going 
              to do now, but I think that a lot of young bands should 
              look to them as an example.

Question   -  Hi, your cd is really great.  Why did you pick the loops 
              you did for queer and stupid girl?

GARBAGEmrl -  Good question.  Butch-  Steve actually came up with the 
              loops on Stupid Girl which is from TRAIN IN VAIN by the 
              Clash and QUEER is several different loops- There is loop 
              from the Single Gun Theory, Clyde Stubblefield - a a great 
              drummer who played with James Brown and lives in Madison,  
              WI, a lot of the loops that we do on the records are things 
              taht we do and reprocess.  We will get three bars, 8 bars 
              and go into the studio and put them together sort of like a 
              puzzle until it makes sense.

Question   -  what is your favorite group besides your own?

              - Tricky

Question   -  i think you guys are the best, but how does this"overnite" 
              success affect your personal lives?

GARBAGEmrl -  What personal lives?  What success?  ANd thank you.  We 
              don't feel like we have either.

Question   -  What band was Shirley in.  Did it sound at all like Garbage?

GARBAGEmrl -  Shirley - The band is called ANGELFISH and the lyrical 
              content was similar to a certain degree.

GARBAGEmrl -  One of the reasons we fell in love with her was the song 
              SUFFOCATE ME (BUTCH)

GARBAGEmrl -  I was singing on it, so I guess that is similar.  But 
              Garbage sounds much cooler. 

Question   -  how long have you been performing ?

GARBAGEmrl -  140 years total

Question   -  how long did it take to record your album?

GARBAGEmrl -  Shirley - Four months spread out over a year.  

GARBAGEmrl -  THanks to everyone for calling and we hope that you love 
              the record.  We are coming to your town, we hope you party.

Question   -  How did you get your name?

GARBAGEmrl -  A freind of ours came by the studio where Steve and Duke 
              and I (Butch) were doing a remix for NIN and at that poingt 
              in the mix, it was not very focused and he said "This shit 
              sounds like garbage" and we knew that using Shit was not a 
              very good idea so we decided it would have to be GARBAGE.

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              with us and answering all those questions!  And thanks to 
              everyone in the audience for spending the time!  See you 
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