-August 1, 2007: Lollilove is mentioned in Premiere Magazine! (August Issue)   In an article about Jenna, they mention LolliLove as her directorial debut, touting it as a "hidden gem".

-July 7, 2007: has a GUEST BOOK! (click here) Give us a shout out, we want to hear from you all!

-May 20, 2007: Producer Stephen Blackehart is on show FilmNut, hosted by Jeff Schubert, talking about making Lollilove. Watch interview here on!

-April 7, 2007: Lollilove T-Shirts, designed by James Gunn and Jenna Fischer. CHECK 'EM OUT (click here).

-July 5, 2006: If you're in New York City, you can see a special screening of LolliLove for 5 bucks at the Anthology Film Archives NewFilmmakers Series on Wed at 8:30.

-May 28, 2006: Lollilove in Hollywood Premieres magazine.  It's a CD-ROM magazine that's an insert in the Dallas Morning News and LA Times, plus a few other papers.  They just did on-camera interviews with James and Jenna about LolliLove to go with the article, and will feature LolliLove in their new Indie Film section.  They're going to have a LolliLove DVD giveaway as part of the keep your eyes peeled!

-May 24, 2006: Lollilove plays at the Cannes Film Festival at 11:30 AM in the "Palais D" cinema.

-May 9, 2006 : LOLLILOVE is playing on Time Warner Cable's Movies-on-Demand in many areas for the months of May through July. So if there's a long wait on your Netflix queue, you can try to catch it there

-April 1, 2006: LolliLove's MySpace page won the MySpace User's Choice Award! Hooray!!! p.s. Go see SLiTHER, it's great!

- March 26, 2006: 3 more reviews The Digital Bits, Review by Louis Fowler, Movies for Guys.

- March 8, 2006: Amazon and other retailers completely sell out of all pre-ordered LolliLove DVDs in ONE DAY!!! Retailers rush to re-order and re-supply the surprising demand for the movie.

- March 7, 2006: LolliLove premieres on DVD!!! Film Threat and DVD Verdict post rave reviews!

-February 23, 2006: The LolliLove MySpace Page debuts!
We're at

- January, 2006: LolliLove is named one of the " Top 9 Films Not In Theatres
for 2005 " by DVD Talk online magazine, and is the first film of 2006 to garner their "Collector's Series" distinction!!!

- July, 2005: The deal is completed to distribute LolliLove through Troma
Studios ! The DVD release date is tentatively set for March 2006!

- May 12-21, 2005: LolliLove is in Southern France for the Cannes Film Festival, screening outside of competition.

- April 30th, 2005: We agree in principle to distribute LolliLove with Troma Studios in New York, the former workplace of writer James Gunn and producer Stephen Blackehart.

- April 1st & 3rd, 2005: LolliLove plays at the Sonoma Valley Film Festival in
Sonoma, CA.

- January 27th, 2005: LolliLove plays at the Tromadance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

- November, 2004: LolliLove debuts at the St.Louis International Film Festival.

-November, 2002: Production commences in Studio City, California, on a film called " LolliLove."