Top Ten Videogame Sidekicks

2. Dogmeat the Dog
From Fallout, 1997

He's a mutt! And what a mutt! Of all the dogs in our countdown, only Dogmeat comes in at number two. You meet him shortly into the game, where he is easily lured to your side with the help of an iguana on a stick (if only dating were that easy.) Dogmeat is fiercely loyal to you, to the point of abject stupidity -- throwing himself selflessly at minigun-wielding mutants, for instance. This could lead to some touching moments:

"I cried when Dogmeat died. That's why he's the best sidekick ever," says Kingrames in the forums.

Of course, you could actually keep dogmeat alive (he shows up in Fallout 2), it's just hella difficult.

"I loved that little bastard," writes Havelock Vetinari, the self-proclaimed Arrogant Forum intellectual. "There was something about the way he mauled people's heads and groins that made him so endearing."

That brings a tear to my eye.

Didn't Make the Cut:
The Little Dog from Secret of Evermore

Who? As you travelled from world to world in this old-school Squaresoft RPG, both you and your dog collected different weapons. In the last world he got -- I'm serious -- a laser. That's right, a dog ... with a laser. This prompted forum reader KainXavier to boast that this mutt "Can kick ass and burn toast at the same time."

Why He Didn't Make the Cut: He burned my toast.

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